The Sun is Big Enough to Share.

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“No matter how far apart you are from the ones you love, remember that they are still living under the same sun as you.

In fact, they may be looking at the very same sunset as you are, just from a different side.

It’s profound when you realize that even though this world is a big place, you’re never that far from friends.

This Telecom commercial summarizes it perfectly.” – Viralnova


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A Not so Sweet Story that Ends Well.


Go without this for a year and feel the difference.

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It’s not easy being human

I have been boasting all year about not getting sick.

Not being sick when you’re a kindergarten teacher is truly something to brag about.

There is always someone sneezing and achieving Olympic distance while tossing their wadded up tissue on the floor.

People have been puking, coughing, and buying stock in Kleenex.


Today, I realized that I am human.

I’m mad at myself for being sick; and it’s only a cold.

I’ve tried home remedies for this cold, natural oils, over the counter purple stuff, and prayer.

Today I was reminded that I am human.

I am also reminded that this too shall pass.

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Dear Daughters, Just in Case I Forgot to Mention This…

#39 Always
#54 This I know
#96 Favorite

Via Google Images

Via Google Images

101 Things I Will Teach My Daughters | Thought Catalog.

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“That thing on the wall.”

“But how do you text with it?”

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“I called U-Haul and canceled the truck.”

I am a minimalist.

I don’t fill my home or my life with accessories.

I am continually getting rid of things.

Most of the stuff I hang on to I have stored somewhat neatly in my mind.

I do hoard memories.

Not the memories you find in old photo albums filled with black and white pictures.

Not the memories you have to dust.

An exception.  My grandmother's rocking chair that sits in our kindergarten classroom and collects no dust.

An exception. My grandmother’s rocking chair that sits in our kindergarten classroom and collects no dust.

With a few exceptions, I don’t want to fill a U-Haul.

I don’t want my daughters to have to pack that truck.

Click here for the how and why of “Letting go of sentimental items.”

Consider it a gentle guide to canceling that U-Haul and hanging on to the really important stuff.

The stuff that doesn’t collect dust.

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image via Google

image via Google. A world of possibilities.

Dessert for Breakfast.

When you’re bored with Special K, out of Greek yogurt, and have more than 25 minutes to get creative in the kitchen, try mixing up some mystery pancakes in disguise.

Apple pie for breakfast?


Served with a side of vanilla ice cream?


The link is in the title; follow the scent of apples and cinnamon.

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Houses are built to live in, and not to look on: therefore let use be preferred before uniformity.

#3 for my daughter, Lauren who appreciates nature.

#12 for my husband, whose nature bears an uncanny resemblance to Peter Pan.

#22 for my daughter, Allie who works from a home office.

#23 for my cat, Bobb who hasn’t worked a day in any of his nine lives.

#27 for me, should I ever decide that I like people enough to actually invite them over to this house.

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Seeing Red

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via Pinterest




I have never been infatuated with Valentine’s Day.  Or any holiday.

  • Warning:  Holiday Hater ahead.

Cupid fans can X out now.

I’m not a nonconformist.  I just don’t buy commercialism.

The holidays are monopolized by card creators, jewelry junkies, sweet sellers, and petal pushers.

Valentine’s Day?  Is that even a real holiday?

Give me Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving.

You can keep Valentines’ Day.  You can ignore my birthday too.

The day I was born?   July 16th, 1966.  So what?  It’s just another day to me.

  • Editor’s note:

Being a twin, my birthday has never been my very own special day .

All I did on that day was show up. Late.

I should call my mom, thank and gift HER on that day.

Give me Mother’s Day. I’ve earned it.  I’ll celebrate that holiday.   Again, no flowers or fluff, just a little time to myself.

The time is coming.


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Libraries. May I never see them become museums.

libI need reading glasses.

Age happens.

My dad would tease me about getting older because I tease him about being old.

He will always be my favorite old person and he will always be older than me.

Another ‘always’?  I will always need reading glasses; I predict they may morph into bifocals one day too soon.

When I head to my favorite chair to read early in the morning,  or climb into my warm bed at night to fall asleep reading, I always have those glasses in hand.

The only place more inviting to read would be outside under the natural light of day wrapped in a hammock.

Or, wrapped within the walls of one of these welcoming havens…

Put on your glasses and take a look at 12 of America’s most magical libraries. 

Is there one near you?

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