5 Reasons Why Guys are Skeptical of Using Essential Oils

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“Let’s state the obvious here. Guys are so different than girls.

Maybe that’s why opposites attract, why iron (man) sharpens iron (woman), why a husband and wife balance each other out in a marriage.

So take a wild guess. Which one (the guy or the girl) is more likely to hop on board the essential oil train? Yup, it’s the girl. And that’s just the way it is.

Now, why is that? What is it about women that’s more receptive to start using essential oils for their family’s health, yet it’s commonly difficult to convince the man that this is a good idea? This is a roadblock that most women have faced with their husbands, boyfriends, or significant others, including with me and my family.

I’ve interviewed my husband (Blaine), my brother-in-law (Thomas), and my father-in-law (Neville) concerning this very issue. All are very different in personality and age. However, they had one thing in common: they ALL made fun of us girls! They laughed when we were remotely interested in buying Young Living Essential Oils, and teased us even more once we actually bought the Premium Starter Kit. After speaking with all three of them, here is a list of reasons why they didn’t hop on the “oil train” until it was already chugging at full-speed.

#1: Mainstream Advertising

Neville: “Whenever I got hurt playing sports in my younger years, or if I was ever in pain, I just used whatever everyone talked about. Slapped on whatever balm or pill was given to me. And it was usually the most popular, doctor-recommended and advertised meds. We’ve been pounded with these mainstream medicine advertisements all of our lives to take this pill, take that pill.”

Blaine: “I always just used whatever was around. If I was in pain, I’d ask for your normal over-the-counter pain pill. It’s just ingrained in you.”

Thomas: “Most meds appear and seem more widely accepted and researched since you hear about it more and since you know more about it.”

If it’s on TV, in magazines, on billboards, or on display at the doctor’s office, more people are likely to use it. Just like anything that fights for more attention, it’ll get more attention. After all, that is a marketing/advertising professional’s job, is to make the product look more appealing and better than any other competitor. Young Living Essential Oils has been in business for over 20 years, but is just now starting to emerge and grow more and more popular as of recently. It is part of only 2% of companies in the world that sells 100% pure, therapeutic grade A essential oils.

#2: Side Effects? Who Cares, It Works!

Neville: “Most of the time, drugs worked for me. We don’t pay a lot of attention to consequences or side effects to using drugs. As long as it helped my pain, I didn’t care. The consequences and side effects of chemically-filled medications were secondary to the fact that it relieved my pain.”

Blaine “I think people now are so accustomed to hearing ‘side effects may include’ and the long list that occurs after. Most people don’t know of a person who has actually suffered a horrible side effect to a drug, so you don’t really think about it. You just take it.”

Thomas: “Yes you’re taking a leap of faith with all of the side effects of many medications. But for me it worked, and didn’t cause problems, so it didn’t really matter.”

We’ve all seen the commercials. The beautiful woman frolicking in a meadow, dancing around flowers, trees, and wildlife, and acting as if her seasonal allergies aren’t bothering her one bit because of a pill she took. Then we hear the narrator talking (very quickly, I might add) about what the side effects may include (nausea, abdominal pain, headaches, increased risk for stroke, and in some cases….death, etc.). Yet, she looks so happy and so beautiful, surely we’ll be just as happy as her if we take that medication! Isn’t it funny how people are more apt to grab a bottle of chemically-filled meds with long lists of side effects, but natural remedies are held at arms length?

#3: Resistance to Change

Neville: “Of course, I’m not the type of person that is real receptive to change, at least that’s just how I am.  I don’t even try new stuff when I go to a restaurant, I order the same thing every time. I think I can speak for a lot of guys who believe that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. If we find something that works, we’re going to stay with it.”

Blaine: “Most people think the ‘chemicals’ in medication are what helps them. I think it was hard for me to believe that the natural constituents in essential oils could work the same if not better for my ailments.”

Thomas: “I was always just more comfortable with other over the counter meds. I knew what worked for me, and I just wanted that alone. And if I know it works, why would I change?”

Anything new is unfamiliar. And when it’s unfamiliar, most of the time guys aren’t interested. They love continuity, they love being comfortable with things that are familiar to them. So is most things in life, but concerning essential oils, that’s in a whole different category of unusual.  That’s why people are most comfortable using their favorite meds and hesitant to try something natural. They’re afraid it won’t work as well, won’t bring the same effect, or that they simply won’t like it as much.

#4: Dude, Quit Being Weird.

Neville: “Guys don’t just sit around together and say ‘Oh, use this oil, man.’ You won’t go into a sports bar and hear a guy say ‘Hey man, did you try that oil out?’”

Blaine: “It just sounded very voodoo-ish to me at first. I mean, I’ve just never heard of using essential oils for health* purposes. I’ve just seen people use oils as fragrances or perfumes, or to be anointed with at church. Using them for anything beyond that was just odd to me.”

Thomas: “It was definitely outside the box. To me, it pretty much fell in line with the braiding of the armpit hair kind of thing.”

Clearly, essential oils are out of the comfort zone for some guys! If they are not familiar with the product, it’s not something they are too comfortable talking about with their buddies or trying out themselves. Many who use natural or holistic remedies are commonly viewed with the stigma of being “hippie-like,” overboard, or just flat out weird. But like anything that is not popular or widely accepted, there is going to be hesitance, criticism, and false assumptions.

#5: Lack of Essential Oil Knowledge

Neville: “To be honest, I’ve never even heard of Young Living Essential Oils, or essential oils at all, until this year. Even once I started reading about them, it didn’t do much for me until Lauren experimented on me.  And that’s what got me.  When the women get us to use it, and if it works, then we’ll become faithful to it. It said something to me when I had my own personal experiences.”

Blaine: “I’ve always been open to alternative stuff, but I’ve never heard about essential oils used for health purposes. The lack of understanding, not really knowing that these plants were created by God for our personal use to help our bodies, was something I just didn’t get until later.”

Thomas: “Men tend to be more logical buyers. They’re just logical thinkers in general. So to spend money on a product I didn’t really know about was hard for me to agree on.”

The reality of it is, most men have “see-it-to-believe-it” personalities, and it’ll take a little pushing to get them there. More than likely, they have not researched the power of essential oils, making them more hesitant to give them a try. So what do you do if your man is simply not buying it? Bring him to a Young Living Essential Oils introduction class. Show him the research. And most effectively, USE THE OILS ON HIM! Let him be your guinea pig, and let him see for himself how Young Living Essential Oils can help his mind, body, and health.

So. What do our guys think about it now, you may ask? Are they all aboard for Young Living Essential Oils? Oh. They’re not only on board, they’re pulling other guys they know on this train too. Who’s laughing now, gentlemen?”

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Chivalry is just a fancy word for the two way street of Kindness.

“It’s a welcome relief, then, when we stumble upon those few true gentlemen.

They exude chivalry with even their smallest actions, and remind us that there are still good ones out there.

Despite popular opinion, chivalry is not dead — here are 9 everyday gestures of men that prove it.”


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Not Everyone Sleeps in a Toaster.

Have trouble popping out of bed in the morning?

Read on and grab a few tips HERE about how to rise before the sun (and just maybe learn to like it).

Leave a comment  below about your morning routine; I will choose one name and send you a little something to peppermint up your day.

.live more

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Monday Morning Wake Up.

I like Monday morning.  I like Monday.

I like Friday too, but I don’t count it down or super celebrate  Hump Day every Wednesday.

If you’re waking up today and dreading the work week ahead, it may be time for you to take another look at your career (and your priorities).

I’ve discovered two of my passions in this working world.

#1 I teach 5-year olds.  Kindergarten kiddos are my career; they are my reason to look forward to Monday (and Tuesday and Wednesday…) and snow days.  :)

#2 I teach people how to maintain their healthy lifestyle.  I share Young Living essential oils.

If you have found your passion, your calling, your WHY…  make sure you thank God for that every single day.

Be sure to thank Him even more on the hard days … that’s when he’s helping you grow.

You can grow to anticipate the week ahead.

Do you realize how many people are waking up on this Monday morning dreading the day (the 5 days) ahead?

Do you know how many people back their car into that parking spot just so they can pull out of work as fast as possible?

If you’re not doing what you love every single day, take a day off this week and begin to think about how you would like to wake up on  Monday morning.

Make a plan.  Set a goal.  Follow through.  Find your passion.  Change your Monday morning.

I have been blessed to be able to put my passion and my career into an amazing 7-day work week;  I am grateful for finding my passions; I just happen to get paid to follow those passions.

It’s not called work when passion drives you.  It’s not work when you have a purpose.

It’s not work when you pull face first into that parking spot.

Comment below if you'd like to try one of these essential oil infused wake up tools!  I will choose 1 name from the comments and gift that person a Young Living product!

Comment below if you’d like to try one of these essential oil infused wake up tools! I will choose 1 name from the comments and gift that person a Young Living product!

Make this Monday morning your wake up call.

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Fan by Marriage

I married a Boston fanatic and I suddenly became one of them (minus the fanatic part).

I wear that hat, I sing the Neal Diamond song, and I don’t complain when that time of year comes around and my our t.v. is occupied by highly paid men playing a game.

So, the hat.

I wear it when we (my husband the fanatic and I)  go to local baseball games, family picnics, and basically any sports event where there might be a Yankee fan (or two).

Mostly, I wear the hat when I’m too lazy to wash my hair.

You know those Saturdays when you have to run to the grocery store but hope you see no one you know?

You throw a hat on while planning to avoid eye contact with those people who actually did shower.

That’s the plan.

Not true with a Red Sox hat.  You can hide under that hat.

I stopped at the post office before the grocery store.  I held the door open for a gentleman in front of me; he smiled smirked and said, “Thanks.  In spite of that hat.”

Next stop before I brave the grocery store?  The book return at the downtown library.  I park the car and head to the book drop only to be accompanied by an apparent Yankee fan.  “Awwww!  Hope you were reading up on converting.”  (Enter 2nd smirk).

So, at Wegmans I find a friend.  The guy behind the pizza bar greets me with a pretty long story about how he spent his birthday at the game where Pedro’s number was retired.   He assumed I knew what he was talking about (vs being a fan by marriage) so I just acted very impressed.

And I smiled; no smirk needed.

Boston fans do that.

The curse of hat head.

The curse of hat head.

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I don’t want to be part of an experiment.

I don’t have grandchildren (yet).

I am looking ahead to that time in my life when and if it comes.

I am not daydreaming about buying cute outfits, stocking up on Christmas gifts, or even collecting classic storybooks for any grandchildren.

What I am doing is my research and what I’m discovering doesn’t always come with a storybook ending.

When I raised my children, I didn’t know how many choices I had. I didn’t know how much responsibility I had to educate myself to better care for them.

I just listened to the experts and thought that anyone who questioned the ‘norm’ was simply a crunchy mom with too much time on her hands.
Now, I know better and I plan to do better.  For them.

I now know there are choices. We do have choices.

I’m doing my research; I’m keeping my eyes open.

Keep the Faith. Ask questions. Trust your instincts.

Do the research.

Do the research.



“THE HUMAN EXPERIMENT lifts the veil on the shocking reality that thousands of untested, unregulated chemicals are in the products we use every day, our homes, and inside each of us. Simultaneously, disease rates are rising: everything from cancer to infertility is appearing at levels doctors and researchers have never seen. This is the shocking reality explored by Journalists Dana Nachman and Don Hardy, as they follow the personal stories of people who believe their lives have been drastically and painfully affected by these chemicals. Taking viewers to the front lines as activists go head-to-head with the powerful and profitable chemical industry, staking their lives on this battle to protect our health, these activists bring to light a corrupt, unaccountable system that has been hidden from consumers … until now. THE HUMAN EXPERIMENT makes the case that the biggest chemical threat facing humans today is not from an oil spill, or a nuclear meltdown, but could be right in your kitchen.”

Take a look… then look a little closer.

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Got too Much on Your Plate?

Think Outside the Box.  via~  Debra Raybern and Lauren Bretz

Think Outside the Box. via~ Debra Raybern and Lauren Bretz

“DiGize™ is one of Young Living’s exclusive and proprietary dietary supplements. This unique blend contains Ginger, Anise, Fennel, Peppermint, Tarragon, Lemongrass, Patchouli, and Juniper essential oils, and includes naturally occurring constituents like menthol, citrol, and zingiberen.”

Ask me about Digize.   Ask me about Young Living.

Want to try it for free?

Want to try it for free?

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Brown Sugar Peppermint Scrub

Easy mid-day wake up!

Abundant Health Blog

After a long day at home or at the office, treat yourself to a relaxing foot or hand bath with this Brown Sugar Peppermint Scrub! The scrub is so easy to make, and it makes a great gift for friends and family members or a great project for a make-and-take essential oils class.


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…one unusual source of contamination was the hair dryer?

“While leaking gas, frayed power cords, and garbage disposal mishaps continue to plague users of appliances, automated domestic assistance used to be more dangerous—a lot more dangerous. Take a look at some products no one but a personal injury lawyer would still endorse.”

Read more herehouseworkkillyou.

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When Life Hands you a Lemon, Make an Oil.

My grocery list is shrinking!
The first store-bought item to get crossed off?  Those netted bags of lemons that used to fill my shopping bags, challenge my biceps, and cover my kitchen counter.
 lemon peel
When I wasn’t buying them in bulk, I was buying 4 of those yellow yummies for $5.00 a pop!   :(   They often went bad before I had time to wash them, slice them up, pick out the seeds…and toss away the best part.
The best part?
The rind!  Did you know, “…wait, wait, wait, THAT lemon PEEL contains even more nutrients, vitamins, and health benefits than the lemon juice?”
Too much work?  Don’t want to eat the peel?
Want to scratch those netted fruits of your grocery list?  Want a fruit that doesn’t go bad?
Here’s a healthy, economical solution:
Young Living Lemon Essential Oil; no lemon of a deal at all!  ;)
Because it’s Young Living, you can rely on their ‘Seed to Seal’ guarantee.  Use that oil right from the bottle, just like you would a lemon that you sliced up and dropped in your glass of water!  I wake up with fresh lemon water every single morning; no seeds floating in my sleeveless water bottle!
Economical?  Oh Yes!
Young Living Essential oils don’t ‘go bad’.  There is nothing in that bottle of lemon, except LEMON oil; it has a not-stop shelf life.  I tuck that bottle of lemon in my bag every morning; pop one drop in my water throughout the workday.
One drop is allll you need (trust me, I’m an extremist who learned you only need ONE drop), hence the economical part.
In a 15ml bottle of Young Living Lemon Essential Oil, you will have over 250 drops of liquid lemon (from the RIND)!   THAT’s the best part, remember?
When you add this oil to your collection of household staples, you can count on shaving $11.25 off that grocery bill.
Invest in your health before you tote another bag of netted lemons home from Walmart Super Center.
If you’re ready to make that investment, or if you want more information on Young Living Essential Oils, contact me at macphersonshelley@yahoo.com
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