Back 2 Reality!

Back 2 Reality!
…reflections from a trip back home
Editor’s note:  Jim and I live 2 far from our (somewhat) aging families. 
Before leaving on vacation, (weeks before, actually), I did what any conscientious/compulsive packer would do…I  crafted a list of staples that I must remember to pack.
Don’t Forget..
  • Tweezers -if you’re a mom over 40 you will understand
  •  IPod -with songs to cover every possible, unpredictable, ever-changing mood
  •  Summer reading list -with a mini book light for those sleepless nights
  •  Favorite pillow -’cause I crave the comforts of my own home
  •  My case of 100 oils for 100 different reasons
That ‘Don’t Forget’ list goes on and on, but I want to cut to the more important list…the one that I didn’t have to write down…the one that came to me on the long drive back~
Always Remember…  
  • You can go back home
  • You should
  • More often

When was the last time you went home?


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5 Responses to Back 2 Reality!

  1. Thanks for making me cry!!! I go home to Hamilton Ontario as often as possible, as you know. My Mum and Dad have passed away, and my two brothers also, way too young. I have two wonderful sisters though, and countless nieces/nephews and great nieces/nephews who I go “home” to!!! My home I grew up in at 249 West 5th street is still there. It looks pretty crappy right now. I think it was turned into student housing for the college across the street. My parents built that house, and took so much pride in their home and family!!!! It meant so much to them to own that house, and it showed in the way they cared for it….my Mum’s flowers in the side yard (when she didn’t kill them with her “brown thumb”), her raspberry bushes in the back where Wendy and I would go out with a bowl before dinner in the summer and pick raspberries to have with fresh whipped cream for dessert. Dad kept the place trim and neat on the outside, and the grass was cut every week and the lawn sprinkler was on every night in the summer. Compared to a lot of houses now, it is a very small brick home…not much to look at. But to them it was a castle, and they raised 5 children there, and we all have happy memories of living and growing at that address. People now seem to think they need so much space…every kid needs his/her own room and there needs to be a kitchen AND dining room and living room AND family room…God forbid the kids have to share anything!!! We grew up sharing rooms, 1 t.v. set in the only living room, 1 phone fixed to the kitchen wall, and one bathroom for many years…did it hurt any of us??? NO!!! We grew up knowing how to share and learned the great art of compromise very early on!!!! Hopefully my kids have too, living in our tiny house.
    Anyway, thanks for the trip down memory lane Shelley…sometimes I need a kick to look back and appreciate my home growing up!!!! I think when I go home in August, Wendy and I may just have to go up to the door and knock on it and see what happens!!!

    • shelley says:

      Kathy, isn’t it funny that when we do go back home every room seems so much smaller than we remember? Guess ’cause it was such a big world when we were little! Hey… when you do go back and knock on that door in Canada…be sure to tell me about it. And, one more thing…I’ve been to your current home and it’s pretty clear that you took a piece of that childhood home in Ontario and planted it right here in Elmira; what a great place for YOUR kids to come home to someday!

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  4. tuesday2 says:

    Reblogged this on Tuesday2's Blog and commented:

    Just back from another trip ‘home’ and it all continues to make sense. Family matters.

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