Did you ever notice that sometimes food just tastes better when someone else makes it?   

Our book club is currently reading, “The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake.”  This fictional novel, creatively written by Aimee Bender, tells the tale of Rose, a nine-year old that has painfully discovered her  ‘gift’ of tasting the emotions of the food preparer. 

Meals just aren’t the same anymore; Rose is subject to swallowing despair, desperation, rage, and resentment, (and hopefully a few positive emotions as well), as she discovers the sadness of loving people whom you know way 2 much about -just because you ate their cooking!

I am devouring this book!  It has me thinking about the possibility of such a food phenomenon. 

Think about it…we are all in some kind of mood when we bake, boil, barbecue, brew, cook, frappe, fry, saute’ or even burn dinner.  There must be some scientific term for the transference of emotion from our soul, through our hands and into that tuna noodle casserole?  

Now think about it a little deeper.  Is it really only a 1/2 baked concept?

  • Food poisoning?  Maybe not.  What if the chef was just in a foul mood?
  • Your wedding cake was flavorless?  Blame the bland baker!
  • Diet soda leave a bad taste in your mouth?  Ever consider that there may be some disgruntled employee at the bottling warehouse?
  •  Maybe the milk tasted bad, not because the expiration date has passed; but the dairy cow was melancholy.  


  • So, be aware of your mood the next time you whip up some cookies for the school fundraiser. 
  • Pay attention to your feelings when you  pack your child’s lunchbox. 
  • Consider your state of mind when you invite your in-laws over for a home cooked dinner.   

You may be revealing secrets in your ratatouille, sharing 2 much in your shortbread cookies, confessing through your chili con carne, or exposing 2 much in that pot of espresso…

Play it safe,

follow this fool-proof recipe for no-tell aftertaste in the happily ever after…


Recipe For Happiness

Take twelve whole months, cleaning them thoroughly of all bitterness, hate and jealousy.
Make them just as fresh and clean as possible.

Now cut each month into twenty-eight, thirty or thirty-one different parts, but don’t make the whole batch at once.
Prepare it one day at a time out of these ingredients.

Mix into each day one part of faith, one part of patience, one part of courage and one part of work.

Add to each day one part of hope, faithfulness, generosity, and meditation and one good deed.  Season the whole with a dash of good spirits, a sprinkle of fun, a pinch of plan and a cupful of good humor.

Pour all of this into a vessel of love.

Cook thoroughly over radiant joy.

Author unknown


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