Not 22 Anymore…

The truth is, being a Formerly is kind of terrific, in a way I never expected it would be. I feel happier than I’ve ever felt, even as I’m losing some of the things I thought were essential to a happy life. There are legions of Formerlies, and we’re an amazing constituency. We know our own mind, we’re (mostly) done caring too much about what other people think, and we can have a laugh at our own expense. I’m young enough to have fun and old enough to know what fun really is, as opposed to tossing my head back in faux frivolity, as I sometimes did when I was actually hot and supposed to be having the time of my life. If I’m not having fun—at a party or a job or in a relationship—I can leave, something that never would have occurred to me when I had so much to prove. I’m surrounded by friends who have my back, and the family I’ve built is the one I’ve always craved. It’s a tremendous time of life, the weird limbo between young and old notwithstanding. – excerpt Self Magazine 8/2010

As my oldest daughter, Allie turns 23 this week I find myself reflecting on my youth…

 As an empty-nester mom with two grown daughters I often catch myself reminiscing about where I was in my life… when I was their age.

  •  I long ago traded in my fake i.d. in anticipation of the perk-filled AARP card.  It’s coming.
  • I don’t obsess about the benefits of cocoa butter; I cherish my stretch marks as a mom’s rite of passage.
  •  I no longer worry about acne or strong tan lines, I now take pride in my gentle laugh lines. And crow’s-feet.
  •  I don’t count the days till happy hour as often as I count my blessings. My daughters being #1.
  • I care less about staying out late and worry more about how much sleep I get at night. Thanks Advil P.M.!

It’s kinda starting to make sense to me now…How could I appreciate my (few) gray hairs and my (many) sensible shoes if I had never once been 22.  When I was younger, I acted young.  I had a good time.   Now that I am older, I act my age.  I am still having a good time, it’s just different.

I like growing older because it means that I am blessed with time.  Time to grow up.

I wish a very happy birthday to my daughter, Allie who is young and beautiful (both on the inside and the outside).   I wish her happiness as we both continue to grow and to celebrate the best times of our lives.


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5 Responses to Not 22 Anymore…

  1. Renee says:

    I can’t believe Allie is 23! I cannot imagine you with a grown child. You still look fabulous, though.

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  3. reenie says:

    I have Trace he’s 11 and he keeps me doing all the things I used to do with the girls when they were young only with a boys spin on it !!!! I have a 21 year old and a 19 year old -but I don’t feel old…. (only when I am awake ) lol ….but really it’s like my Nana used to say ,”Age is in the body- not the mind.” she was 87 and said she still felt like she was 18: she could run a mile, dance a jig, and enjoy staying up all night ……. then she woke up 😉 Right before she passed away at 93 she told my mom she felt like she could just run on the beach – but her frail body wouldn’t let her. I don’t intend to go into that night gently – I want to dance til I am in my 90’s and sing until I’m older than dirt 😉 You do look great Shelley and you take good care of yourself too!!!! We are not 22 anymore- but we do get better with time, I too look at my girls and think -hmmm what was I doing when ….but Trace doesn’t let me focus too long on that – we have way too much to do 😉 Enjoy your empty nest – mine is still full – Love ya !!!!

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