I don’t like 2 share. 

 My husband, Jim calls me selfish (quite often).  He has clearly mislabeled me.

It’s not my fault, I was born this way.  I was expected 2 share before I was even born.  That’s right, I had 2 share those long nine months with my twin sister.

So you see it started early, my rebelling (with cause) against this whole sharing concept. 

I shared entirely 2 much in the early days; it all started in the womb and continued with double occupancy in the lead painted crib. 

As we outgrew the crib WE graduated 2 sharing a twin bed (pun intended).

I never had my own birthday cake.  I never even had my own BIRTH DAY!

Sharing is very over-rated. 

The early years passed but share remained a bad word.  It only got worse. 

 My parents seemed 2 grow tired of all the fighting and tug-0-wars. 

 That’s when things started 2 get better …’cause eventually there were 2 of everything in that childhood home.

Not just at Christmas. Everyday. Everywhere. 

Sounds good, right?

Here’s the catch… everything, everyday, everywhere was…yep! Identical!

  • There were 2 bikes complete with banana seats, a basket and bell


  • 2 Raggedy Anne and Andy (rusty) metal lunch boxes

  • 2 Floral print Maxi Dresses

  • 2 Mrs. Beasley dolls

  • 2 Easy Bake Ovens
    • 2 Lemon Twists


    Where was my identity?  How was I expected 2 put my own twist on uniqueness?

    Flash 2 the future:  I’m not selfish.  I’m simply independent, striving 2 claim my individuality.

    I bake my OWN birthday cake.

     I value my time alone.

    Sometimes I’d prefer 2-

    •   …read a book instead of make small talk 
    •  … go for a run with my Ipod rather than walk hand-in-hand
    •  …choose solitaire over a team sport (nevermind that I’m not    athletic)

    Wait, don’t get me wrong, besides my food, my time and my personal belongings there are some things that I am willing 2 share…like my opinion. 

     Granted, this can make me a bit difficult 2 live with, (I can only admit that ’cause Jim says he never reads my blog). 


    Being the selfish person that I am…who says I’d share my thoughts with him anyway?


    About tuesday2

    My husband tells me I talk too much. I tell him that I have a lot to say. Here’s the solution… Welcome to my blog!
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    10 Responses to Selfish?

    1. Donna Culver says:

      Awwww that must have really been hard having to share everything. Well this little note is just for you. Keep up the wrtiting I love reading them.

    2. Chris says:

      I remember Lemon Twists! Very funny!

    3. reenie says:

      I love it that you and Donna shared me in High school – ! I also love the Fact that your parents DID NOT give you Twinny names …..You are not Deborah, Daisy, Danielle, Dana or Dianne- Love you Shelley for just who YOU are! Just saw this one and of course I HAD to share my oppinion 🙂

    4. tuesday2 says:

      Well, Reenie-

      First of all, Donna did kinda monopolize you!

      …Wish we had more than just that one year together; but there sure are many good memories. Thanks for sharing. Always!

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    7. It’s really interesting to read your thoughts on this. I am always wondering how to handle things with my two.

      • tuesday2 says:


        Parenting is odd like that! I never really figured it all out until my daughters grew up, left for college, and I had some time to reflect!

        I always wondered if I had handled things ok? My payoff came when my daughters looked back and said, “Mom, you did a good job!”

        By the way, I can only imagine the joy of raising two at a time! 😀 Being a twin, my dad always told me that he only had one chance to get it right, there weren’t any kids before us and my mom had her hands full with two at a time…so there were no other kids after us.

        So happy to have stumbled upon your site! (I added it to my blog roll). I now have the chance to view twin-rearing through the eyes of a parent.

    8. Thanks a lot for that thoughtful comment. It’s great that your daughters are insightful and generous enough to tell you that you did a good job! I understand what your dad meant about not having a second chance. I imagine that if I had one and then another I’d be a bit better with the second?! Hopefully at least. And yeah, hands full!
      Thanks for adding me to your blog roll, You’re on mine now!

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