2 Days Without My Antidepressant

I missed 2 days of my antidepressant.

The prescription reads…Take 1x per day, with plenty of water.

Day or night.  Preferably not on a full stomach.

May safely exceed daily recommended dosage.

Side effects include, but are not limited 2,  increase in mental alertness, excessive sweating, elimination of negative thoughts, prolonged bursts of energy, and overall happiness.

Food interactions:  Not 2 be taken with Big Macs, red wine or Oreo cookies.

2 increase benefit of daily dosage, mix with plenty of Vitamin  D.

Let me explain..

I was spoiled all summer long.  I was free 2 head outside for a hike through the trails, run barefoot on the grassy dike, bike on the country roads, kayak in the river, and head 2 the gym.  Anytime!  Early mornings before the Today Show.  Midday after The View.  Evenings before the Soap Channel.  Ahhhhh, the freedom.  The endorphins!

That was my summer.  This is my autumn.  Or, better refered 2 as ‘my fall’.  I fell right off the wagon!

  • First day back 2 work, not a problem…got the workout in and off 2 a great start.  Everybody is happy.
  • Second day back 2 work, great!  I can do this (combine a full teaching schedule with taking care of myself).
  • Day three.  Here’s where it started 2 fall apart.

  • Day four.  This was day 2 of no physical outlet for stress…A.K.A. no exercise.
  • Day five.  I was just plain mean and ugly.  Just ask my husband, he usually takes the brunt of it.

I knew what I had 2 do.  I always know what 2 do…I just have 2 know enough to do it.

I put my running shoes on and headed out the door 2 refill my prescription.

Okay.  More days have passed and I remain consistent.  I may not take that dose at the same time of day every day.  But I don’t miss a day.

I’m not going 2 let this prescription run out.

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 I’m addicted and everybody’s happy.  Just ask my husband, he knows I function best on caffeine and endorphins.  When I’m happy, he’s happy.  It’s the best medicine!


About tuesday2

My husband tells me I talk too much. I tell him that I have a lot to say. Here’s the solution… Welcome to my blog!
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4 Responses to 2 Days Without My Antidepressant

  1. Reenie Bovier says:

    Shelley , it is good to know your body and what you need, it is good to have family that love you and remind you of what you need. When I was going to the gym (in FL B.H. Before Horses…) I would hear all these teachers talk, and boy could they talk…The funniest conversation I heard took place between three teachers on the eliptical. Teacher number one (older by at least 5 years) : So how long have you been teaching?
    Teacher number two: For 2 years now
    Teacher number one: are you on any medications yet
    Teacher number two: no, what do you mean ?
    Teacher number one : Well , I give you about another year and you will be ..
    Teacher number two: Oh, I don’t think so
    Teacher number three (next to me on the treadmill) : Oh yea hunny , we are all on some kind of medication to keep us happy….. lots of laughter and smiles. True story!

    I think that there are certain jobs that can cause more stress :bringing up someone elses children, with little to no support from parents, and trying to make sure little Johnny has everything he needs to pass for the year so you can continue to teach the next little Johnny…Yea that could wear anyone down , not to mention the pay……..
    Hope this year is Happy in every sence of the word and that you enjoy yourself and your students ! God bless all the teachers out there. May the next generation be inspired by your enthusiasim to help them learn ….. Love ya Reenie

  2. wendy lowden says:

    Good Lord girlfriend! You missed two days and your still alive? I would be a basket case…even more than usual! 🙂

    • tuesday2 says:

      Wendy, it sure gets harder in the colder months, but if I don’t get out in the morning for a run I (almost) always stop by the gym on my way home from work! I’ve learned that I can’t stay away toooooo long! 😀

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