Give me (Soy)Milk, (Sugar-free)Cookies …and (Kindergarten)Confidence!

Children believe in themselves. 

 And they should.

They convince us they will grow up 2 be football players, astronauts, and rich.

 And they just might. 

They show us how creative they can be…if we encourage them. 

And we should.

They are completely happy 2 laugh out loud; they never cover their smiles. 

 Neither should we.

They know how 2 work.  They know how 2 play. 

And they should.

 They know balance.

 As we should.

 I work with 6 year-olds who have more confidence than most of us could buy from a therapist. 

I know children who have colorful pictures in their heads of how great life is going 2 be when they grow up.  They believe they can be whoever they want 2 be.  They believe they will be happy (and rich). 

 I am surrounded by the future everyday in our classroom. 

I’d like 2 figure out a way to bottle that energy, market their confidence and laminate forever all of their plans, just 2 make sure they come true. 

As a teacher, I can’t figure out how 2 guarantee that!  As a mom, I’ve discovered that only they can do that. 

 And they will.

 I was a mom long before I was a classroom teacher.  One of my favorite pictures from my own daughters era of milk, cookies and confidence is preserved in a yellowing photo album. 

Allie created her self-portrait of self-love in Kindergarten.  She’s smiling… and if this picture had sound you could probably hear her laughing.  Out loud.   Still.

 Why do we have to lose that self-confidence ?

 Allie, kindergarten 1992
p.s. Thank you, Mrs. Griffin

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2 Responses to Give me (Soy)Milk, (Sugar-free)Cookies …and (Kindergarten)Confidence!

  1. Reenie Bovier says:

    Love how your title is specific in what kind of milk, cookies , and confidence…..( All that is good for us !) I am looking at the picture of this little girl and she actually believes she will fit all those cookies into her mouth (btw I am sure they are not sugar free ) . I think I may be able to stuff all those cookies into my mouth ….. Anyway, you ask a very good question why do we lose that self confidence? (notice you crossed out the have to)- I agree, that it is a choice. I suppose it all comes down to what you BELIEVE . What do you believe about your self and the world around you ? Children are sponges they soak it all in and they often don’t process it as they do, the good the bad it all goes in and someday it all comes out. I truely believe that most of the dreams we have are God given , and we need to treasure them and protect them from harm. Problem is when we are children we don’t know how to do that, so we must trust others to help us. Sometimes this is successful , others , not – so – much. Dreams are our ability to think outside the box. Kids do this naturally because their boxes are so broad and big and they already color outside the lines and don’t worry about it. Adults , gee , what constitutes an adult really? Adults often forget to dream, they trade in what they thought as kids for a more comfortable existence, a day to day realitiy of what is safe. Dreaming is not really safe. It makes you want something else, and usually dreams go outside of our reality “box” that’s why they are dreams. The old saying , ” Dare to dream .” really meant it- Dare! When God puts a dream in your heart, you can’t get around it , it keeps coming back on you . Eventually you must find the strength to trust yourself and Him that you can . You must BELIEVE . ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
    Parents are our first teachers. Moms and Dads listen to what their children say and they can treasure the dream, or they can hinder it. What power a parent has. Good teachers find ways to make success an often occurance. They encourage , build up and teach not only the three R’s , but also the two B’s (Believe and Begin). This concept starts out small, believe you can make an ” A” , begin to make an “A” . If the child never believed he could, he would never begin. We apply this lesson our whole lives. I love the fact that some of the dreams I had as a little girl I have fulfilled. I live on a farm with LOTS of animals (I know it’s not everyones dream , but it was mine) . I wanted to be a teacher, never thinking I would home school my own children . God has a way of making us laugh. Sometimes our dreams come out different than what we thought they would ….. not bad, just in another way. I wouldn’t trade a day of teaching my son science, for all the students in the world . Dreams, they are apart of us. That is why Cinderella sings (as an adult) ” A dream is a wish your heart makes , when you’re fast asleep.” We can’t help ourselves even when we supress our dreams they come out – even as we sleep…..

    Love to you Shelley thanks for the blog !

  2. tuesday2 says:

    One question for you, Reenie…
    When are you going to start your own blog? Sign me up! I’m your fan!

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