Have You Had the Chance?




  •  Sun came up-

Although I’m usually up first

  • Morning newspaper was waiting on the front step-

Even though I never make the time to read it


  • Coffee was ready-

But one cup is never enough

  • My car started-

It always does

  • Kissed my husband (and cat) goodbye

Not necessarily in that order

  • Headed to school-

 The day went by with the usual lessons of reading and writing.

  • Traveled on to work the 2nd job-

Never can seem to allow for down time

  • Home by dark- kissed the husband (and cat) hello-

In that order

Checked my voice mail. 

The day wasn’t so ordinary anymore.

Good thing my sister left her name because her voice was unrecognizable, although the message was clear…  “Call me”

I dialed the phone and started to shake as she told me the doctors suspect Jamie may have cancer.  Just like that.

Jamie is my brother-in-law; he took a bad fall and was sent to the hospital with a broken leg.  Doesn’t sound so awful, except a break as bad as his led to a series of tests…all came back negative and the suspicious tumor on his knee (which had caused his leg to weaken and break from a ‘simple’ fall) was finally declared benign. 

There were many moments and days in between where routines and daily rituals were set aside for the important stuff… like gratitude, family, and prayer.


That phone call was over two weeks ago and it still scares me when I replay my sister’s voice in my head. 

Now. Flash to the now. 

 I try not to let a single day go by without finding a lesson in it.  More than the lessons that I put in my plan book at school. More than the lessons I thought I had already learned in my lifetime…  you know, those lessons life keeps throwing at you till you really do get itBe grateful, live in the moment, keep your priorities straight, don’t take anything for granted. Blah, blah blah.

I guess I still haven’t learned that lesson or passed the test because I feel that I really do need constant reminders! 

I’m determined to fill all my days with real life lessons; you know…live and try to learn!   I will continue to learn from the kind of lessons that you can’t plan for. 


The sun came up that Tuesday morning, like it always has. Like it always will. 

By the time it set that night worry and fear were playing tricks on my mind and I kept telling myself that the news will be good and I’ll look back on this ‘scare’ and it won’t shake me up so much.  Someday.

But now I realize that I don’t want to forget how scary that phone call was.

  I can’t take the chance that everyday is going to be ordinary.




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4 Responses to Have You Had the Chance?

  1. Donna Striley says:

    You have put my thoughts into words.
    I never want to lose that grateful feeling that I had as I heard the doctor’s first words to me as he came out of the O.R. … Benign.
    I want to always keep the lessons learned from this “event.”
    So… what is the secret to that?

  2. Renee says:

    So glad it was good news! We had a couple scares like that in our family in about three weeks’ time. Luckily, that all turned out OK, too. 🙂

  3. Reenie Bovier says:

    Ordinary life is full of disspointments, health scares, bumps and bruises, it’s what we do with the daily living among and between those things that puts value on the life we lead. If we only are thankful for this life when it is almost snuffed out by a car accident , when we see the Cancer report that says benign, or when we see that the stock we thought went crashing down actually didn’t , then we have missed it . Thankfullness should come out of our hearts daily , I woke up today. Thank you My kids woke up today, Thank you, I get a chance to touch another life Thank you , I’m not alone , Thank you . Who do we thank ? Ourselves ? No, of course not , we didn’t keep our own heart beating through the night. We thank God: who sees us, loves us,and is determined to be on our side through it all. I had a friend once who was a pastor, he listened to everyone say -“Why you ?” When he was diagnoised with Cancer , I found it interesting his answer to them …Why not me ? We are gratefull when it isn’t us , but can we be gratefull when it is ? Can we find something to give thanks for in the moments of a funeral , or in the middle of betrayal? Is it possible to look at life’s horrors and find something to be blessed by? In the middle of a concentration camp in WWII , the women were over ridden by fleas, the women began to complain, but Betsey TenBoone said” Let us thank God for these flees…”
    ” Why ?” asked the women scratching at their scabbed arms. Betsy’s reply was one of great wisdom, “Because it is the fleas that keep the guards out, and allow us to read the Bible.” Perspective is everything . As we travel through life we should always keep before us gratefullness, thankfullness, grace and among other things kindness. We should walk and talk like what we do and say will be the very LAST thing people hear or see us do …If we do that, then we will have no regrets when life is over. We will have lived to the fullest, out of our hearts a well spring of life will be sprinkled on those around us , to be passed down from generation to generation. I, like you Shelley, am still learning the lessons that God has for me. Iam very thankfull for Jamie’s good report! Thankfull for a good friend who will drop everything to help her sister, thankfull too for the friend who lays her head on Jesus chest and trust him to carry her and her husband though a difficult time( what an example of faith ) . Oh there is so much to be thankfull and gratefull for – Love your heart Shelley and love you too!!!!

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