If Only For a Day…

I was working late in my classroom on a Friday night. 

*Editors note-regardless of the contract hours, legal holidays, snow days

 AND the public opinion of some

…many, many educators put in overtime.  Time and time again!



By the time I did walk out the front door of the school, (which automatically locks behind me), I realized immediately that I had left my cell phone sitting on my desk. 

 Can you hear the anxiety in the term immediately?

You would expect it from most teenagers; but I have 2 admit that I am a bit addicted 2 my phone.  I don’t like 2 talk on it, just text. I didn’t have this gadget when I was at an appropriate age 2 be addicted 2 it.  Not that it makes it any less of an addiction, but I wasn’t raised with the option 2 text vs. talk .  LOL


…Vintage? My childhood is vintage?

 An extra long, twisted, and stretched-out, avacodo colored phone cord that reached down the hallway, around the corner and into the bathroom…my very own phone booth!







THAT was the extent of my ’70’s phone plan.

Growing up in the decades that preceded social networking, I had 2 walk out my front door and go up hill both ways just to knock on my neighbor’s front door 2 ask if they wanted  to come out and play.

 Webster defines play as 2 move aimlessly about.  Let me add:  outside, until the street lights came on, without an I-Pod, cell, GPS or Nintendo DS.

We always wanted 2 play! …Unless we were grounded. 

I define  grounded as the act of a parent remembering  THEIR role in the child rearing relationship.

So there it was, Friday and I was phone-less. 

Secretly, surprisingly happy about it.  And really OK with it.  Really? Really.

 It was like someone taking the bag of Oreo’s out of my hand so I couldn’t finish the first, second, and third row.  (And then hiding the bag).

With no landline at home I had no form of communication with the outside world besides FB and twitter and it was …liberating! 

Went 2 dinner with my husband that same Friday night.  We talked. We had a 2-sided, face 2 face conversation  and I never once multitasked.  For once, my phone wasn’t sitting on the table right next 2 my fork and knife.  I was sitting across from Jim and the only message I received that night was from my husband, who let me know that he was happy 2 have his wife’s full attention.

P.S. I got up early Saturday morning and drove 2 school 2 get that lifeline  phone. 

One day… I can do!  A whole weekend?  Not yet.

How long can YOU stay unplugged?



About tuesday2

My husband tells me I talk too much. I tell him that I have a lot to say. Here’s the solution… Welcome to my blog!
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2 Responses to If Only For a Day…

  1. reenie says:

    Hahahah Shelley love it ! My kids and my husband always call my cell and then text me only to find that I am turned off …. I have a bad habit of forgetting to turn the conTRAPtion on …… I do like to use it when I am on a long drive by myself, or when there is a real emergency ……let the dogs out ! But most of the time I am just not one with my cell… this may be because we didn’t get into the cell thing until just 5 years ago. I still love the avacado green phone with the 30 foot cord……. I actually have a rotary in my living room – my kid’s friends all like to play with it ….. I can go quite a while without my cell phone but don’t make me give up my land line- there is just something about sitting on the couch talking to an old friend, it’s warm and comfy. We come from a generation where parents weren’t in fear, they sent us out exspecting we would be home for dinner …and that we would eat whatever they put on our plates. lol Why would a 10 year old in the 70’s need a cell phone and what would we have done with texting……We saw our friends everyday they lived in our neighborhood(which by the way is a new expeirence these days! Do people even know their neighbors ? ) We used Morris Code by lights in the window to talk to someone after we were supposed to be in bed…. true we really did. I have not given my 10 year old a cell phone although he can text on mine faster than I ever will. It is a different world with different rules – but Shelley just for the record (and that might be a 45) I loved being 10 in the 70’s . To answer your question I can stay unplugged a whole week…If I have my land line. But I think I would miss your blog to much to go too much longer than that !!!! 😉 Blessings love you Reenie.

  2. tuesday2 says:

    Ha ha…Thanks Reenie!

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