His and Hers


His first clue should have come when I told him explained that I wouldn’t be sharing his last name. 

With plans to put each of our names on the mailbox, the house-hunting venture began.

We scoured the Sunday paper, followed leads from friends and searched the real estate brochures; I had my list of expectations clearly prioritized.  

1. “I  Need My Space!”  

So began the house-hunting search that ended at 88 Evergreen Ave with a 2 car garage, 2 bathroom, 4 bedroom home …all settled on a double lot. 

We have no kids left at home; but still I told him explained,

“I Need My Space.”

Inside the house you will notice clear signs of  the boundaries…

 -minus the blue painters tape defining HIS and HERS. 

Most obvious is my very own bedroom.  

modern stylish luxury bedroom interior idea


 Complete with high-thread count Egyptian sheets and a fluffy down comforter, scented plug-ins from Bed Bath and Beyond, shelves and shelves of books, a night-light and even a coffee maker placed conveniently on my nightstand.



Jim’s room: 

Harbors a man-like scent seeping from his own hamper, a dresser covered with loose change and random business cards. 

 A t.v and remote permanently set to whatever channel the Andy Griffith show is on, a coat rack covered with a mirage of Boston Red Sox hats and miscellaneous dust bunnies under the bed.

Not many people get this plan.  Many ask why we got married in the first place? 

                                      ..I feel like I have a foot in the best of both worlds


…all under one roof.

The roof by the way… I am willing to share.  In the name of shelter.

Although everything is divided in 1/2…I still love him with all of my heart!

But why live together?  What do we share? 

The kitchen sink.  Major appliances.  (Until I see a Maytag washer and dryer on sale). 

We also share the dishwasher, the vacuum cleaner and the refrigerator.

Pause here. 

 Let me clarify…although we do share the Frigidaire, HIS food and MY food have their own shelves.  My soy milk, organic eggs, and spinach pancakes are kept a safe distance from his whole milk and hot dogs.

So what is there left 2 argue about if everything is so evenly divided? 

The checkbook. 

I don’t care enough about money or shopping (unless it’s grocery shopping in the organic section at Wegmans) to take on the responsibility of managing my own checking account.

The checkbook?  That is the only thing out of balance in this house.



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My husband tells me I talk too much. I tell him that I have a lot to say. Here’s the solution… Welcome to my blog!
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7 Responses to His and Hers

  1. Renee says:

    There are happily married couple who live in two separate homes running around out there in the great big world.

    Makes your setup seem pretty normal! I kind of envy it.

  2. reenie says:

    I laughed so hard when I read this! I know this works for some people although Jan and I have been married so long (23 years) that the lines are all blurred…. HIS change is in MY change jar.. HIS clothes are often found on MY person , they are just more comfortable…. MY home has HIS tools all over …… the drill is in the cupboard where I keep the envelopes but you know it needs to be within reach …. The hammer is in the medicine cupboard- Yes, because a good wack in the head makes you forget about your other pains It is a plausible explaination…. My books are all mixed up with HIS books – funny how you enjoy the same things when you are married so long…. My kids are his kids – which is a good thing seeing they bare his last name…lol . The lines have long since faded and I can’t say that I want to complain…. I kinda enjoy the fact that we are more merged than when we began, ( and the two shall become one) that shall become one takes a long time…We are still not there yet but maybe when we celebrate our 60 anniversary …. Where I end he begins – it’s something to look forward to because then maybe I will finally understand WHY the hammer is in the medicine cupboard…… Loved this one Shelley !!!! Blessings 😉

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