“Growth inside fuels growth outside. ” -John C. Maxwell

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I like to find inspiration in the people I surround myself with.

I like to keep my thoughts positive in hopes that my words inspire others.

One of my favorite authors, John C. Maxwell inspires me through his written word.

I’m currently rereading his book, Today Matters.

The passage on ‘Putting Yourself in a Growth Environment ‘ seemed especially timely today, on New Years Eve, as many of us reevaluate our priorities, readjust our attitude and make plans for personal and professional growth in 2017.

“I’ve been told that certain species of fish will grow

…according to the size of the environment.

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Put them in a tiny aquarium, and they remain small even at adulthood.

Release them into a huge natural body of water, and they grow to their intended size.

People are similar.

If they live in a harsh and limiting environment, they stay small.  But put them someplace that encourages growth, and they will expand to reach their potential.”

       John C. Maxwell-Today Matters


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3 Responses to “Growth inside fuels growth outside. ” -John C. Maxwell

  1. skinnyshae says:

    Sometimes I need a reminder that life doesn’t suck. Thanks! – skinneyshae

  2. reenie says:

    Grow , Grow , Grow! Spirtually , mentally , physically and emotionally I just want to grow. and I actually think I am ~ as painfull as it is at times ~ I am ………..that’s all today short and sweet ! lol

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