Girlfriends and Good Books

I like my life

If I didn’t, I would change it 

There are things in this world that make my good life even better

… and help to make the sometimes, not-so-good, bearable

1. Girlfriends

I’d have to put girlfriends right at the top of that ‘Life is Good’ list

No matter what’s going on, good or bad, time with girlfriends just makes it all better.  Girlfriends are a lot like good books…they are uncensored, often make you laugh out loud at yourself, always have stories to tell, (some fiction), they make escaping the everyday world of non-fiction very easy -and extremely entertaining!  Girlfriends are always there.  It’s their definition.  



  • 2. Good Books            

                                                     Books would be #2 on my list

photo courtesy of Google Images


Coming in 2nd to time spent with girlfriends, would be time spent getting cozy in an overstuffed chair with a good book (I have yet to find a bad book) and a cup of comforting hot tea.   Books are stories that help me connect to my world, or help me escape for just a little while.  Books take me on adventures into other times and places, inviting me to have more than just one good life.  Like girlfriends, good books are easy to read and should never be left on the shelf.  

                                                       “Good friends, good books-                                                     and a sleepy conscience: 

                                                       … this is the ideal life.” 

                                                                                 -Mark Twain                                        

The library features hand-stenciled paneling, ...

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My husband tells me I talk too much. I tell him that I have a lot to say. Here’s the solution… Welcome to my blog!
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4 Responses to Girlfriends and Good Books

  1. reenie says:

    Where would we be without the comfort of a good friend or the confections of a good book!!!! How sweet it is !!!! So glad to have both to look forward to – Hey what are you reading these days??? Miss you Love Ya !!!!! Reenie 😛

    • tuesday2 says:

      I am hooked on self-help books lately! …until tomorrow, when I start a new class at Elmira College. Sadly, reading for pleasure will take a back seat to academics….

  2. Renee says:

    I want to live in that room!

    • tuesday2 says:

      I know! I saw that picture and I just stared at it…daydreaming of the quietness. One of the things I like about living in Elmira: knowing it was good enough for Mark Twain.

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