Are You in a Hurry?

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  • My favorite quote by Winnie the Pooh
“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” 
  • My  favorite place, the river
 My sister, Donna,  recently posted a question on her Facebook page asking,
“What do you do to relax?”
I knew right away what helps me unwind.  I run straight to the river.
We live just 500 feet from the Chemung River. 
 I love the fact that I can escape reality by walking down my driveway and turning left. 
My husband, Jim, has built a career around his passion for this river. 
Visit him….. 
And visit the river…there is no hurry, you will get there someday.

photo courtesy of Google Images


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6 Responses to Are You in a Hurry?

  1. skinnyshae says:

    I’m a fan, so I’m giving you an award.

    Check it out on skinnyshae.

    Sorry if it’s weird.

  2. reenie says:

    The River – yes it makes sence it would be a place of relaxation, it is full of movement and yet remains unmoved, its currents are sweeping and yet it is steady and constant. The shallow points allow us to feel its power in a safe and secure way…. and yet , when we take a shot at riding the rapids in a raft, or kyak we feel the exhiliration of its very power. Gee that so reminds me of God. He is all powerfull , full of currents and sweeping movements and yet like a river he has a place that is so calm I can wade in – His desire is to see me relax in him – even as I ride the rapids, to know that He is always with me , is the essence of my peace. Moving and yet unchangable that is my God – not unlike your river ….. Love to you Shelley keep em coming 😉

  3. Bella says:

    When I was ten, my family and I went camping. And there was a river. A river my mom wouldn’t let us get within ten yards of. She claimed it was dangerous and that we could easily drown if we went in it. Even though I didn’t come close to it all summer, I admired it, ten feet away. I remember the sound of the water, and how it flowed. Hypnotic really. So I can see how you find it mesmerizing.

    • tuesday2 says:

      Yes, definitely mesmerizing!

      Some people are still very cautious of the river, especially here in our town of Elmira where the devastating flood of 1972 is still so very fresh in their minds.

      That’s the best part of my husbands career…helping our community appreciate what a great assest the Chemung river really is. We can’t control nature, but we can respect it. 😀

      Check out the link on a recently made documentary about the wall that still stands in Elmira as a reminder of the flood… and protection from another. Hopefully.

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