Freedom From Fog Factor

Photo Courtesy of Marty

I was browsing blogs this morning.  Early this morning.

I spied a recent post , Morning People Versus Evening People.

 Setting my alarm for 3:42 a.m. qualifies me for the early riser category. 

I seldom hit snooze and I can’t wait to  sit up and smell the coffee. 

I  s a v o r  the quiet of waking when it’s still dark.   Very still. 

I put on my running shoes and race the world to break from the fog of night.

 I prefer pre-dawn, not quite morning, still night, the rest of the world is sleeping, not even garbage trucks are out, no paper on the front porch yet time– to any other hour of day. 

I get up early because I want to  prepare. 

 I prepare for the day …before it has a chance to begin.

Research supports,

“Morning is always the best time to get people to make decisions because people are full of optimism in the morning. By 9am, nothing really can go wrong…”   

Regardless of research,  my husband is certain that I’m crazy. 

My dad believes that I’m anti-social. 

I let them know how much I respect their insight. And I make a face. 

Regardless of family dogma,  I have my facts in writing from the London Evening Standard. 

I can rest assured tonight.  At least until 3:42 a.m.


About tuesday2

My husband tells me I talk too much. I tell him that I have a lot to say. Here’s the solution… Welcome to my blog!
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8 Responses to Freedom From Fog Factor

  1. Renee says:

    I don’t think you’re crazy. I’m envious! I want to be able to get up that early and exercise and be done with it. I just can’t!

  2. reenie says:

    Doesn’t the London Evening Standard come out of…….. ummmm England ,Who are 5 hours ahead of us so you are on Englands time …waking up at 3:42 puts you at 8:42 AM there – I guess you just need to change countries…… LOL I am losing my morning ways ~ I was always up and at em by 5:30 but lately I have slept in til 7:30 and even sometimes a scandelous 8 (* I say this with eyes lowered and a redness creeping across my face….) But I attribute my tiredness to the health issue I am dealing with right now. What time do you go to bed dear Shelley ? If I make it past 10:30 anymore I am doing great – My husband on the other hand lays his head down at midnight only to rise again at 5:00 AM – I get up around 5:30 AM to pray with him and send him on his way , but often I find myself falling back asleep while reading – or snuggeling back down in those comfy blankets when the temp is still well below zero…. More power to you my friend!!!! I don’t think I am a night person or a morning person any longer……… I am just a tired person lol Love to you Shelley !!!!

  3. Dad says:

    Listening to advise from the LONDON EVENING STANDARD is like listening to advise from MAD MAGAZINE.

    Love and Hugs,


  4. Donna Culver says:

    wow you go to bed a 8:00….. I get up at 5:30 every morning but am up until 10 or 10:30. I wish I could exercise in the morning but the thought of getting up earlier is just not going to happen. My favorite time of day is just before the rest of the world creeps out of bed. way to go Shelley….

  5. donna striley says:

    I hate the snooze alarm. It is like avoiding the inevitable.

  6. Bella says:

    Lady, the last time I was getting up at 3am, I was having contractions and on my way to the hospital to give birth. That was 19 years ago! My point is that nothing short of catastrophic is making me get up that early. You are my hero. My hat comes off to you for being so brave! 🙂

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