Seeing Red

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I have never been infatuated with Valentine’s Day.  Or any holiday.

  • Warning:  Holiday Hater ahead.

Cupid fans can X out now.

I’m not a nonconformist.  I just don’t buy commercialism.

The holidays are monopolized by card creators, jewelry junkies, sweet sellers, and petal pushers.

Valentine’s Day?  Is that even a real holiday?

Give me Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving.

You can keep Valentines’ Day.  You can ignore my birthday too.

The day I was born?   July 16th, 1966.  So what?  It’s just another day to me.

  • Editor’s note:

Being a twin, my birthday has never been my very own special day .

All I did on that day was show up. Late.

I should call my mom, thank and gift HER on that day.

Give me Mother’s Day. I’ve earned it.  I’ll celebrate that holiday.   Again, no flowers or fluff, just a little time to myself.

The time is coming.

 I will get through the heart-filled, arrow-flinging day without seeing red.

Don’t misread me.

I believe in love.   If that’s what Valentine’s Day represents?

As a matter of fact, I believe in love enough to get married twice. 

Wedding anniversary?

That red-letter day is coming too.  I think.

Neither my husband nor I remember the exact day we married, but it is sometime in March.  I think.

I’m not a big fan of holidays, anniversaries, or traditional celebrations.

I memorialize life in the untraditional way.

I celebrate every day.  The party is over soon enough.

REDdy or not.


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10 Responses to Seeing Red

  1. reenie says:

    Gotta say you are something else – and I mean that with all the LOVE in my heart ;0 I get what you are saying Shelley and I agree ~ everyday should be a celebration of life !!!! I like the idea of Valentines day because God gave us the best Valentine when he sent his son – Traditionalist will call this Christmas but to me it’s Valentines day ~ Just another reminder of John 3:16 ” For God so LOVED the world that he sent his only begotten son, that whosoever would believe in him , would have eternal life ….. to me that’s the best Valentine. I love that you and Donna are twins – My friend you guys made my senior year TWICE as fun – Sorry you have to share your birthday – you could celebrate the 17th and make that ALL yours lol 😉 – no one would hold it against you and you will always be younger than Donna- lol (sorry ” Bunny” ) . Anniversarys – ahhh now there is something to celebrate with each passing year, it should be a greater accomplishment than the year before….by the time 25 years comes along they give you Silver, there’s a reason for that -(and it’s not because of the color of ones hair by that milestone……… ) You do memorialize life in a untraditional way and I love that about you ! Keep Celebrating – laughing LOVEing living – Happily ever after! Love you girl !!!!!! (and BTW ~Happy Valentines day 😉 lol )

    • Anonymous says:

      I love you Shelley!!! I never liked Valentine’s day much either, until of course I was married on the holiday. It wasn’t as much by choice, as it was for the fact that it landed on a the saturday of a 4 day holiday break in 2004. I was untenured at the time, so I needed to work around my time off 😉 We always take a night and go out of town for our anniversary, but it’s never on that day…for those same reasons. You crack me up! xxoo and ps… Happy Valentine’s Day!! lol.

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  5. EngineerGal says:

    You and I are cut from the same cloth — cupid w/the arrow in his back has been a fave of mine for years! Grateful to have you, my fantastic friend & a fellow commercial holiday hater, in my life. ~xoxo

  6. Reenie says:

    I think you are on POINT 😂! Everyday should be 1 Corinthians 13 walked out … but I’m okay with a little xtra love ❤️ now and again ! BTW love you !!!!!!

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