“Things Only Change When Someone Cares an Awful Lot”

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, our elementary school recently kicked off an unusually motivating reading challenge…

The two-week celebration will wrap up with a much-anticipated gathering in the gym.

We plan to meet our school wide reading goal of 3,500 minutes of reading.

We are determined.  There will be a worthy and memorable pay off.

The prize?  Besides the simple pleasure of reading of course…

Our principal will be kissing a cow!   On the lips.

Incidentally, that ‘on the lips’ detail is significant to six-year olds.

In the world of elementary students, the chance to watch your principal kiss a cow is high-performance motivation to build reading stamina!

I work in that elementary world.  I read with six year-olds on a daily basis.

 I learn a lot from interactions with zealous, all-knowing, open-minded, young readers.

Take a peek at the insight served up from one of their favorite authors, Dr. Seuss.


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3 Responses to “Things Only Change When Someone Cares an Awful Lot”

  1. reenie says:

    Kiss a Cow on the lips -it’s sure to be fun, when your principal does it – He becomes number one ! And getting him there is the quota YOU make…..Kiss that Cow Mr. Principal for Goodness Sakes! Love it Shelley !!!!

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