Kindle, Nook, or Real Book?



I joined a book club. 

 Admission #1   I’m the only member without a Kindle or a Nook.  

Purchasing one of these newfangled devices is part of the initiation process.  I believe it is the genuine possession and use of such technology that paves the path to becoming a real member.  So say the bylaws.

I was accepted as a pseudo member for purely nostalgic reasons: I actually have a real book. I can tell you what page I’m on, without using a percentage.  I’m okay with the coffee ring on the book jacket and the dog-eared pages.

Admission #2  I borrowed the book  from the public library. 

 You remember libraries, right?  Those inviting places that encouraged you to browse, borrow, and loiter.   Librarians with buns in their hair and cat-eyed glasses were happy to  show off their Dewey Decimal skills, taking you up and down the isles finding that book, the one with  the coffee ring on the book jacket and the dog-eared pages. These keepers of the card catalog encouraged you to walk out with arms full of binded treasures and all you needed to belong… was a card.   And that was free.  

You’re free to choose…What’s your preference? 


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7 Responses to Kindle, Nook, or Real Book?

  1. Renee says:

    I think I voted twice. But that’s OK because my vote should count for more than one!

    I’m saddened by the proliferation of e-readers. I hope that they don’t edge out the real book. There are so many reasons I feel this way, but the practical reason is that if everything is electronic, it can be destroyed that much more easily. Imagine if somehow down the road, someone comes into power and decides some book or another isn’t “appropriate.” All that needs to be done is for Big Brother to push a button and delete that book off of every last e-reader and it’s gone forever. (And this actually happened when there was a copyright issue a year or so ago.)

  2. donna striley says:

    A real book and a yellow highlighter. Nothing compares.

  3. Country Living says:

    Absolutley love spending hours in the library, just wandering! I have a bad habbit of only going in for one or two books and coming out with an armful! My husband just shakes his head!

  4. Leighann says:

    Oh books!
    Kindles will never replace the feel and smell of a real book.
    The satisfaction of placing the bookmark that much further near the end.
    The temptation of the next read

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