Last One In, Please Close the Door.

I work with children.  It’s not my job, it’s not my career, it’s my passion. 

I also work with grownups (as the six-year olds call them).

Those six-year olds will be back next year. 

Many of the grownups won’t be returning. 

 Last in First Out.   It’s the school rule of budget cuts.

As educators, we work daily to teach children lessons that extend beyond the rules, holding fast to the Golden Rule.  We weave life skills into the curriculum of reading and writing.  We teach the hard stuff.  The stuff that’s not on the test.

 Our kids, (because that’s who they are to us), know that life isn’t fair, they are witness to that lesson every. single. day.  We can inspire them to believe in themselves, to realize that fair doesn’t mean equal.   It’s a hard lesson.  It isn’t fair. 

 It’s not fair to the children and it’s not fair to the grownups.

“Under quality-blind policies—sometimes called “last-in, first-out”—schools are mandated to lay off the least senior teachers first. This hurts students by depriving them of excellent teachers who are forced to leave simply because they have not taught as long as others.”


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6 Responses to Last One In, Please Close the Door.

  1. Robert Arciolla says:

    I think last in first out should be the rule… Last person into work is usually first one out too… Dump those people, if work is not their priority then cutting them won’t be such a big deal…

  2. Robert Arciolla says:

    I think there are teachers new and senior that are with and without passion. Unfortunately, we don’t have a layoff system that focuses on removing teachers based on their passion, or commitment.

  3. tuesday2 says:

    We have a dedicated staff. An amazing team. I don’t want to lose any of them! I wish I had the answer…

  4. reenie says:

    It’s the children who suffer …We say we are a society that values our childern but we don’t walk the talk, teachers are already underpaid ~now they will have more children in each classroom ~ Some schools are even getting rid of their specials (such as music, art , gym….really! ) I feel for these kids for they WILL feel the loss, and so will many a teacher . It is very sad that districts feel the need to “hit “their children…. They are talking about closing our elementary school – even though I homeschool, I can see the sad truth – our elementary school if it closes ,will break down our small town’s unity. The elementary school is the hub of centralness, a coming together , if you will. If they close, not only will our kids lose the quality of education but they will lose much more. I think if they took some of those big bonuses that congress gives themselves and really applied the” Golden Rule”~ maybe give that money to the CHILDREN – to the teachers …… ahhhh in a perfect world – yea it could happen . Love to you Shelley , so sorry to see the Last one in first one out applied anywhere- but especially our schools ….. Blessings to you

  5. tuesday2 says:

    Thank you Reenie.

  6. Bella says:

    This is a thought-provoking post. I especially like how you’ve included the life lesson that fair doesn’t mean equal. It resonates with me because also having been a teacher, it’s customary to hear children complain of how “it’s not fair.” All too often, and like you mention, life isn’t fair. It’s not only frustrating, it leaves you feeling powerless. Children, as well as educators, pay the price all too often of an unfair situation. It saddens me, like Reenie mentioned, to see art, drama or any of the arts removed from a school’s educational program. Unfair indeed.

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