Stepping in Puddles. On Purpose.


Some people feel the rain. 

Others just get wet. 

 – Bob Marley


 Reflect on these… 




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5 Responses to Stepping in Puddles. On Purpose.

  1. reenie says:

    …..but here comes the sun…….. lol 😉

  2. Amanda says:

    That’s an awesome quote. I feel kind of like I’ve been getting wet lately. I want to feel the rain 🙂 What a nice thought!

  3. Bella says:

    Lovely quote. I’m happy to report I try with all my might to feel the rain…always. Life is too short to just get wet by the rain. Instead, it makes a world of difference to see it in a whole different light.

  4. Tommy Heath/John Thomas Nicolai says:

    You make me want to dance and sing in the rain. Your words and quotes are inspirational.

  5. thyrkas says:

    My sister younger Claudia has a big family, and always had the knack of delighting in her children as they passed through each stage of development. Even though I was older, and my children were older than hers, she was always teaching me something valuable about rearing kids.For example:
    I was visiting one day when her son Nick, who turned 30 this year, was 5yrs old; he was invited to play at the neighbor’s house across the street. It was raining, so Claudia found a jacket with a hood and some rain boots for him to wear as he walked. It was a quiet neighborhood, and both Moms would be watching as Nick crossed the street. Claudia kissed Nick and said,”Now walk straight over and look out for puddles,” then sent him on his way. She said to me,”Come and watch.” I stood next to her at the window where we saw Nick find a puddle and jump in with both feet and laugh, and then find another puddle, jump in it and laugh again. Claudia and I both laughed as well, enjoying the experience almost as much as Nick. I turned to Claudia and asked if she felt a little sad to see that Nick was disobeying her. “He’s not.”, she said, “I didn’t tell him to STAY out of the puddles, I told him to LOOK out for puddles. He looked out for them, found them, and did what every child should do – jump in!” Another lesson learned.

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