Adrenaline Poisoning

…I set off for the river at a run.  When I reached it, some of my tension had already abated.  “adrenaline poisoning, ” one of my doctors had called these surges of anxiety that had troubled me since childhood.  The doctor explained that, for reasons they could not understand, my body seemed to think it was in a constant state of danger.  One of the specialists my aunt consulted explained earnestly that it was a biochemical leftover from the hunter-gather days in us. I’d be all right so long as  I rid my blood stream of the adrenaline load by running, just as a frightened ibex would run from a lion.  Since then I have I tried medication and meditation, but nothing was better for keeping panic at bay than physical activity.   -Deborah Harkness



 Just returning from my first barefoot run of the season, I am reminded of the healing power of nature and the mind-clearing phenomenon that occurs with every unshod step.  

 Adrenaline poisoning is a disease triggered by stress. 

Stress makes me miserable and moody toxic.

 I can search salvation with a hand full of salt & vinegar chips, but the endorphins are never found at the bottom of the bag. 


The cure for adrenaline poisoning is at the bottom of my soul.





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4 Responses to Adrenaline Poisoning

  1. reenie says:

    Nice play on words 😉 I think Adrenaline poisoning is cured at the bottom of that other soul- lol – ” Be still and know that I am God” Often when I am anxious about something, or nothing( as often the case may be lol) – I can go and sit before my Father God and let him have it – if I do that – leave it with him ,then I don’t have to carry it any longer – and I feel a lot lighter during my day ……. Didn’t know they actually had a medical term for it , but it makes sence that they would call it poisioning … toxic anxiety , worry , and the stress of holding on to it all- yea I guess that really does fit . I do think running is a great way to maintain a healthy life style, and often helps to quiet us …… “As the deer panteth for the water so my soul searches after you “… the deer is probably panting because he ran so long lol – (couldn’t resist) 😉 Love your posts they keep me thinking !

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