What’s on Your Easter Bucket List?

Many of my friends spend the night before Easter much like the night before Christmas…  getting their house ready for the early morning magic madness of making memories.

The kids will wake up early and hunt like scavengers (read as… there will be fights) for those baskets of colored eggs.

Baskets, undoubtedly overstuffed with love and filled with traditional tot treats of jellybeans, yellow marshmallow peeps (still trying to guess what food group they land in?) solid chocolate bunnies, and classic signs of spring: sidewalk chalk and bubbles.

Those same friends will be pulling tangled Easter grass from the vacuum cleaner for months; they’ll find dusty jellybeans lost behind the couch, gone unnoticed until someone finds one and tries to eat it.

Those same friends will be wiping chocolate from faces, furniture, and all household fixtures for days.  The signs of Easter morning last longer than the basket raid.

They just don’t last long enough.

 The signs are all around my house, signs that kids don’t live here anymore.

My daughters are grown,

..they’ve taken their Easter bonnets, moved on and since moved away.

Everything at my house is in its place and it doesn’t often change.

There are no jellybeans to rescue from under the couch, no Easter grass to untangle.

At our house, the traditional Easter basket has moved on as well.

The tot years transitioned to the teen years and beyond.

The basket has morphed into a more practical container for my daughters, like a large plastic laundry basket… and it’s stuffed with timely, age-appropriate treats now: Amazon gift cards, subway tokens, bags of Starbucks’s coffee, essential oils, and a new toothbrush (because they’d rather spend their money on coffee than a new toothbrush).  A mom just knows this is true.

I know something else too.

I know what I want in my Easter basket. I want a few more hours days years with my grown girls.   I want to turn over the vacuum cleaner and get frustrated because it’s tangled with Easter grass.  I want to stop them from eating that dusty jellybean.

Or maybe just let them go ahead and eat it.  I’ll just look the other way and pretend that I don’t see it.  This time.

Give me back those times when I had my family all in one place.  Those days that went by when I wasn’t looking.  Over-stuff my basket with some memories.

It’s the only thing on my Easter bucket list.


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10 Responses to What’s on Your Easter Bucket List?

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  2. donna striley says:

    So…I need to relish the sight of Adam eating his yellow, sugar laden peeps at 8a.m.?
    Sidney yelling that Adam had a bigger/better basket?

  3. DAD says:

    LOVE YA. I still get an easter bas ket and Becky cleans up all the mess behind me. My Easter basket brings back fond memories of you and your sister munching on the treats and hitting each other with your baskets; which I called love taps.

  4. reenie says:

    We didn’t do baskets for years – actually not until we moved to NY because when we were in FL the kids got candy from EVERYONE , our elderly neighbors loved to give them candy – and not only at Easter…… Grandparents , Aunts , and even the piano teacher would lavish them with sweet treats….. So I actually didn’t buy Easter baskets for A LONG time . BUT since we have moved to NY we don’t have family close, we don’t have friends that have known my kids since they were little and love to give them some sugar ( both ways ~ smile)… So we moved, and my kids watched all their NEW friends getting Easter baskets and were like – Hey Mom…how come you don’t buy us Easter baskets …hmmmm good Question…and I didn’t have a good answer …..so we began buying Easter baskets MINUS the grass- yea I know , but hey we got into it late…… lol So my “kids” who are now all at home again, and had a friend over for Easter all got baskets….. yea I know pathetic- but like you – I am beginning to understand the signifigance of the Candy – they really are sweet years …… Trace is just 11 so it makes it easy to still buy for my almost 19 year old and almost 21 year old too- Baskets consist of Chocolate, Potatoe Chips, JellyBeans , and some kind of DVD – ~ I know they won’t be home long …maybe another 2 years tops but I will ( try to… lol ) enjoy the time with them because like you I know it will be gone very soon……

    My Bucket list …… hmmmmm not sure how to answer that , because what is on mine consist of things that I can’t do until all my kids have left home…..so I guess I just better NOT kick the bucket….. 🙂 Love to you Shelley – thanks for the post .

  5. My mother put it into perspective saying “These are probably the best years.” However, once the nest is empty I am happy to be involved in many fun choices. Enjoyed this. Thank you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    very nice/

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