I am Not an Athlete

I subscribe to Runner’s World.

I wear the best running shoes.   Although, I actually I prefer to go barefoot!

I stalk blogs in a quest to learn more about running.

But still… I run like Phoebe.

I am not an athlete.  This is not news.

If you know me,  (or if you’ve ever seen me run), you know this is simply a self-realization.

I like to run.

I’m not fast.

I don’t go far.  ( I have a car for trips like that)

I am the girl who nearly failed p.e. class in high school because I refused didn’t want to change into the gym uniform.

They were hideous uniforms.  You understand.

I was not about to mess up my big, Aquanet- protected hair.  I thought that excuse alone, (the hairdo), was enough reason to forfeit participation points.

Now I’m grown.  I want to participate in life.

Priorities have evolved.

I don’t care about my messing up my hair.

I don’t care that I run like Phoebe.

You can laugh at me!  I don’t care; I’m too busy earning participation points in life, and that is no laughing matter.


About tuesday2

My husband tells me I talk too much. I tell him that I have a lot to say. Here’s the solution… Welcome to my blog!
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8 Responses to I am Not an Athlete

  1. natashaglynn says:

    i saw this post randomly under the “health” section and wanted to read it because of the reference to running like phoebe; this post made me laugh. i used to be really self-conscious about running when i started because i was sure everyone would be staring at me and laughing at my flailing limbs and stomping feet – now, i just don’t care! it really is all about the personal gains, such as participation points!

  2. DAD says:

    Yes, I remember you and gym class and how we got you out of it !

  3. donna striley says:

    Yeah, Dad, but I don’t think they believed that malaria excuse….

  4. thyrkas says:

    Like this a lot! Happy running!

  5. reenie says:

    Tooo Funny!!! I hated gym but never thought to TRY to get out of it – wish I had – I still hate gym, the concept that is, not the physical excersize! I like physical activities that let me enjoy life – Tomorrow we bring in 650 bales of Hay for the horses, now the is excersize – but I won’t go so far as to say I ENJOY it – but I do love and enjoy my horses 😉 Still thinking about gym class lol !!!! Love you girl!!!!!!

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