Do you Believe in Miracles?


I discovered a new page:!/positivelypositive

A respite for weary minds in a busy, busy world.

I borrowed a quote from their page.  I believe it’s a keeper.

Anyone who doesn’t believe in miracles

 …is not a realist.

                                                    – David Ben Gurion


Annaified, Thank you for the picture.



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2 Responses to Do you Believe in Miracles?

  1. Bella says:

    I’ve always considered myself a realist who believes in miracles,even if that sounds like a paradox! However, don’t we all need a little belief in something as beautiful as a miracle if we’re to get through reality some days?

  2. reenie says:

    Miracles happen everyday ~ we need to open our eyes and recognize them for what they are… The reality in life is WE cannot control everything – hence miracles!!! ❤ to you Shelley !!!! Have a great day !!!

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