Do You Know Me?


I stumbled upon Jenna’s blog this week, Were Jumpin’!

Stalking her blog, I read through a post which enticed me. 100 Things About Me.

I scrolled through the list and wondered if I was up to the challenge of a similar post.

Jenna encouraged me; she shared the link to one of her favorite blogs, Undeserving Grace, where she received her inspiration.

I followed this link and discovered a wall full of insight and inspiration.

Here is my list.  Not in order of importance; but each one important to me.

1. I am a mom.  Highly important.

2. Walking in the rain clears my mind.

3. I used to drink too much coffee.

4. I prefer books with real pages.

5. Cleaning house helps me unwind.

6. I always hang my sheets on the line to dry.

7. Believing in karma gives me hope.

8. I found the perfect career.  I teach kindergarten.

9. My dad is a cancer survivor.

10.  I have an identical twin sister.

11. I am a crazy cat fan.

12. Going to the zoo makes me sad.  I want to free the animals.

13. My two front teeth are fake.  Thanks to my twin sister and a childhood fight.

14. Sappy songs from the 70’s still make me cry.

15. Sudoku frustrates me!

16. I was a single mom for 17 years.  Yes I want a medal for that.

17. I can recite the alphabet backwards.  I learned that in the 4th grade.

18.  My mom has clinical depression.

19. I cry a lot.  Cry when I’m happy.  Cry when I’m sad.

20. I run barefoot.

21. My daughter writes a blog.  click here!

22. Forgiveness is my favorite Eff word.

23. I give second chances.  More than once.

24. I don’t own a scale.

25. My dog’s name is Sammie.  My cat is named Bobb, yes.  With 3 B’s

26. I can’t dance.  It’s genetic, my sister can’t either.

27. My favorite movie?  E.T.

28. I wear a helmet when I bike.  Everyone should.

29.  I don’t text or talk when I’m driving.  No one should.

30. I am a morning person.

31. I was born in July.

32. I don’t have a green thumb.

33. I recycle.

34. I sort my laundry into many, many piles.  Including khaki and green.

35. I text too much.  I am on FB too much.  I tweet too much.

36. My home is in Upstate NY

37. I don’t wash my hair everyday.

38. John Maxwell is my favorite author.

39.  Eckhart Tolle tells the truth.

40. This is US is my favorite show.

41.  YL Essential Oils work.

42. I have seen love at first sight…in my newborn’s eyes.

43. I interrupt.  I’m working on that.

44.  I like to cook (when I’m hungry).

45. Yellow is my favorite color; it makes me smile.

46. I drink a lot of water.

47. I spend a lot of time at the river, it calms me.

48. I can eat an entire frozen pizza by myself.  THAT is why I don’t own a scale.

49. Mother’s Day is my favorite holiday

50. Thanksgiving is my 2nd favorite holiday.

51. I have vacationed in Mexico.  Many times.  Never enough.

52. I have not traveled to Hawaii. Yet.

53. It took me 16 years to complete my 6 yr degree.  I earned it.

54. Snow days are appreciated -hence the teaching career.

55. I studied 3 different languages, I am not fluent in any of them.

56. I wear sunscreen.

57. I don’t wear lipstick.

58. Thunderstorms intrigue me.

59. I balance my checkbook to the penny.  Every. Single. Time.

60. My car is paid for.  I don’t care what it looks like.

61. Fiber One is my favorite cereal.  Sad.  I know.

62. My children respect me.

63. I respect my children.

64. My best Christmas present ever?  A stereo and Billy Joel 45 for my 10th birthday.

65. Barnes & Noble inspires me to write.

66. I do not believe in coincidence.

67. I’ve skinned my knees and had my heart broken. I survived both.

68. Yes, I miss my grandparents.

69. I learned how to drive standard in 1985.

70. I don’t know much about politics, it’s not in the kindergarten curriculum.

71. You can call me opinionated.  It’s true.

72. I fear regret.

73. My favorite food?  Avocados w/ greek yogurt & walnuts.  (After I eat that entire pizza).

74. I miss my students in the summer.

75. I have cellulite.

76. I clip coupons. I forget to use them.

77. I have my own room.  Read this

78. I don’t dust.

79. My first car was a Ford Escort.  1982.

80. I don’t share.  I teach it, but I don’t practice it.

81. I have been taking heart medicine since I was 10 yrs old.

82. I laugh a lot.  Often at myself.

83. I’d rather stay home than go out.

84. A favorite childhood memory?  Baking coconut macaroons with my mom.

85. Saddest childhood memory?  The night my grandmother died.

86. I have a best friend who never lets me down.  Thank you, Debbie.

87. I am not a hoarder.

88. Thieves is my favorite laundry soap.

89. Paperwork is my downfall.

90. Pizza is my weakness.

91. I buy generic peanut butter.

92. I am not athletic.  But, I am strong willed.

93. When I was 7 yrs. old, I had meningitis.

94. I snore. My husband says this is so…not sure I believe him.

95. My grandfather took me fishing when I was young, I caught sunfish.

96. I can crochet.  I can not knit.

97. I wanted to grow up to be a flight attendant.

98. I prefer hardwood floors to carpeting.

99. I can spend hours researching famous quotations.

100. My favorite quote is from Mark Twain:

 “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed

by the things that you didn’t do…

 than by the ones you did do.

So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.

 Catch the trade winds in your sails.

 Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Make your list.  Live your list.


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My husband tells me I talk too much. I tell him that I have a lot to say. Here’s the solution… Welcome to my blog!
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One Response to Do You Know Me?

  1. millie1234 says:

    Wait! Why am I #86 on your list?? I should be #1
    Signed, your (former) best friend, Debbie

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