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My recent FB post:

 I need your thoughts on marriage.  (No, this 2-time bride doesn’t have the answers.)  Share your best advice!   I’m typing up my next blog post and plan to put your insight into print.  I’d like to hear from both sides…grooms AND their brides.  Not married?  I have a separate category for your advice!

Keep the comments coming!  I look forward to compiling the worthy scientific data into a post ASAP.

To further my research, Kim loaned me, Committed.  Author, Elizabeth Gilbert’s book about a skeptic who makes peace with marriage.

Thanks, Kim!  I promise to return the book in good condition.

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Add your advice to my research!

Find me here or leave your insightful comment below!


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2 Responses to Chime in!

  1. I’ve been thinking for days (!!) about this post and your question about ideas on marriage… the more I try to figure out how in the world any marriage works and “lasts”, the more I can’t figure it out…and I’ve been with married 26 years and with my husband for 36 years total…I’m guessing that some common core values, lots of flexibility on at least one partner’s part (that’s my husband… : ) ), patience and a willingness not to be right would help…and for us, enjoying spending time together…but really, it’s quite amazing to me that 2 people can negotiate many years together… maybe being able to negotiate when the inevitable conflicts arise??Please let me know if you get some good insights about topic…. : ) (and I also like to talk and my husband likes to listen…or is willing to listen.. )

  2. tuesday2 says:

    Congratulations on your 36 yrs! You MUST have all the answers. 😀

    It is so hard to put the perfect relationship recipe in writing.

    My recent read, Committed, is helping me find the words!

    Enjoy your next 36 yrs!

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