Finders Keepers or “They’re Mine Now!”

Not sure which one of my daughters left their simple,unpretentious, easy-to-wear,  unsophisticated, gray sweatpants here when they moved out.

I don’t care who left them here.  They make my Sunday morning coffee and newspaper Facebook routine a bit more comfortable.

Via Google Images

They belong to me now.


Love, Mom ♥

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3 Responses to Finders Keepers or “They’re Mine Now!”

  1. thyrkas says:

    Maybe when you visit your daughters you will find something from your closet or your accessories in their homes, too.
    Thanks for triggering a very happy memory!

  2. Amazing 🙂 I lounge in pants similar too.

  3. Some of my “snuggliest” clothes (mostly sweatpants and sweatshirts) have been hand-me-downs from my daughter…well, actually, more “abandoned in the closet” than really “hand-me-downs”… : )

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