“He Intimidated Me” Meet Guest Blogger, Bob.

I am a person that believes it is essential to DO…YOUR…JOB.

 My son is 3 and he hears that from me nonstop.

I reward positive behaviors, and believe in positive reinforcement, yet I also believe in negative reinforcement as long as the consequence is a natural consequence.

I believe in non-reinforcement as long as they are aware that is what you are doing.  (If you are ignoring and they think you’re not hearing then they don’t understand that their behavior is not being acknowledged).

However in our homes, our workplace and our schools, it has become routine to reward people for doing what is expected.   How is that okay?

 Shouldn’t we encourage rather than reward?

If you see a person do something good… give them positive feedback, let them know they are on the right path.

 When they are going down the wrong path… stop, reset expectations and move them toward success.

A quick “good job” is 10x’s as good as 1 award that is the same for everyone.

A reward to a person that is habitually presenting negative behaviors… late to work, a poor work ethic, does the minimum, leaves early, sick a lot, never attempts to be innovative, brings the top down not raises the bottom up.  Reward them?

Logically the rest of the crew believes if he can do that and get a reward and I am killing myself and getting no acknowledgement because I consistently do what is expected, then if I want an award I need to be less caring and perform less efficiently?

  If I have 20 students and I give my energy to 1 poor performer so that I can “catch” him or her doing something good so I can reward it, I have thrown away 19 other opportunities to give feedback to those that are doing what is expected.

Instead, I have made the new expectation “Act shitty a lot and I will give you more attention so I can catch you not being shitty.”

If the 1 student cares enough to be rewarded or hear positive feedback, he will start presenting behaviors that are acknowledged in the masses consistently and if you miss that behavior because you were watching other children and rewarding other children the 1 rogue student will attempt more positive behaviors  so you can’t miss the behaviors.

Raise people up! I just saw someone get excited because they spent 4 days doing a job that takes 4 hours, and that is supposed to be a big deal? That’s called framing the circumstance and this person does it all the time…”Wow I went for a walk yesterday,” “I know that guy he’s my buddy.”

 So what you should know people:

  •  You should be exercising, get over the fact that you do what   is expected.
  •  Rise up do more than is expected.
  •  Push to raise who you are and what you do!

…yeah that’s my point! 

Do more than expected, and reward those in your life that do…

Read more from Bob; visit him at his blog:  4:30wakeupclub’s Blog

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3 Responses to “He Intimidated Me” Meet Guest Blogger, Bob.

  1. tuesday2 says:

    Thank you for sharing, Bob!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Great advice!

  3. donna striley says:

    I like what you said, Bob!

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