Did you Read the (Operating) Instructions?

Cover of "Operating Instructions: A Journ...

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I was first introduced to the talent of author, Anne Lamott, through a writing course last winter.

Lamott’s  Bird by Bird , (a national bestseller),was the required text.

Operating Instructions was a suggested reading.

Thank you, professor, for the suggestion. 

 Read that book in one day!

With good cause, I am not the author’s only fan. 

Grab A Cup of Jo and read what everyone is talking about.


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3 Responses to Did you Read the (Operating) Instructions?

  1. ordinarygoodness says:

    I love the work of Ann Lamott. Glad she has inspired you too.
    Lynley in New Zealand

  2. tuesday2 says:


    Lamott is a motivator; she has a gift for writing that gives the illusion of being everyones next door neighbor. Lamott is the ventriloquist for my inner voice.

    By the way, so cool to hear from New Zealand!

  3. ordinarygoodness says:

    Ann Lamott speaks to me in so many ways – of social justice, embracing diversity, being inclusive, loving people, sharing your bananas, remembering to breathe, walk step by step, talking to God in very simple ways, story telling, saving public libraries, the agonies and ecstasies of being a parent, the utter horror and futility of war and terrorism and so many other things.

    You are so right that she feels like someone who might live near me.

    Pop in to my blog sometime: http://ordinarygood.wordpress.com. You would be most welcome:-)

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