Glamping. The New KOA!

I grew up in survived the era of Shasta Camping.

Yes, that was roughing it!

Thanks for asking.

Shasta Camping; that’s what it’s called when you pack up your house, put it in a trailer and pretend you’re having fun at a KOA in the great outdoors because you’re a kid and you don’t have a choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I prefer being outdoors to being indoors.

But. Not camping outdoors.  In a Shasta.  Without MTV,  the telephone, and a hairdryer.

FB, Twitter, and cell phones were nowhere in sight in the 70’s.

( It would’ve been unbearably rough if I knew I was missing all that too.)

I knew I was roughing it though, sleeping outdoors.

I like to sleep inside.

Inside a house.

Although a 5 star hotel→  would do me just fine.

Thanks for asking.

Yes, sleeping in a Shasta is still being outdoors.  Duh!

I don’t sleep outdoors.

 I don’t camp outdoors.

But, I would be willing to try it HERE.

Glamour + Camping –  Shasta = Glamping.

Share your camping memories (or plans)…


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4 Responses to Glamping. The New KOA!

  1. Dad says:

    You know you loved it! Especially “THE BEAUTY CONTEST AT THAT ONE CAMPGROUND”. Wasn’t it great? All of us cramped in that Shasta with our dog and a tv that you needed a spyglass to see and me waking everyone up @ 6AM! What fond memories!

  2. tuesday2 says:

    When my dad reads this, he should know that it wasn’t all bad! I did enjoy the campfire s’mores, the ‘right down the road’ camp-candy store, and the fact that although I had to sleep ‘outdoors’ I did always get the top bunk.

    Add to the camping memories:
    1. The time I climbed out of the campground pool without my front tooth.
    2. The day I slammed the Shasta door a bit too hard and it ripped the skin (and probably) bone from my
    wrist (and survived without stitches).

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