What are You Listening to?

I don’t cook.  Unless:

1. I’m hungry- and feeling too lazy to order a pizza.

2. I have all the ingredients (hate running to the store mid-recipe).

3. I’m home alone with the music turned up too loud/hence the home alone clause.

I won’t share bore you with my kitchen cooking play list; suffice to say that I am a fan of one-hit wonders and anything from the sappy 70’s soundtrack.  Again.  Hence the home alone clause.

What do you listen to?  Leave me a few songs to add to the culinary collection. 

Jenna doesn’t mind sharing her kitchen soundtrack.

Take a peek, visit Jenna at EAT LIVE RUN.


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My husband tells me I talk too much. I tell him that I have a lot to say. Here’s the solution… Welcome to my blog!
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4 Responses to What are You Listening to?

  1. Julie D says:

    I’m never in the kitchen. Oh…maybe for a glass of water or to make some tea…but never seriously there for any amount of real time. That said, I still know some of the tunes I’d stir to. CCR….Meatloaf….oh…and if my all time favorite “I Will Survive” came on you’d be able to hear me over on the north side. Seems/Sounds like too much drama for the biscuits though….:-) No one likes angry biscuits.

    • tuesday2 says:

      Ha Ha! Next time I hear “I will survive” I am going to think of you- as I too sing out loud!

      Your comment about angry biscuits makes me wonder…have you read “The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake?” (Did we talk about that book before?)

      It’s a very interesting and peculiar read…


      By the way, Jim ridicules my taste in tunes…

      • Julie D says:

        Of course he does….:-) So…do tell us what JIM likes to listen to when he’s being creative in the kitchen.
        PS I don’t know about the Lemon Cake book (what a great title!) I’ll take a look. Thanks.

  2. Well, I’ve lost interest in cooking, but still love to sing and dance around the kitchen….this evening “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was playing…inspired my daughter and me to belt it out along with Bonnie Tyler…my husband looking on with great amusement!

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