Guest Post: “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France

 I first met Wendi when we formed a book club together.  We quickly became friends as we bonded over our passion for reading, but more so…our love of animals.

 I am happy to call Wendi my friend.

Meet Wendi’s best ♥ friend,  Luigi.

Lessons from Luigi

Every morning, I wake up to a fuzzy ball of white fur.  As soon as we wake up, he rolls on his back and waits for me to rub his belly.  He stretches his little legs and lets out a big yawn.  I react by stretching my back and legs before we get up to greet the day.

We have our routine, of course.  We descend the stairs and Luigi stops at the
bathroom door.  He knows that’s always a priority for his mom.  He waits patiently
for his turn when I join him in the backyard.  He always makes me laugh because he takes such delight in relieving himself.  Once he has pooped, he sprints around
the yard as if to say “wasn’t that great!”  At that moment, I envy him just a little.  How could something so simple be cause for celebration?

He joins me in the bathroom as I shower and get ready for my day.  When I step out of the shower,  Luigi licks the water off my legs to help me dry off.  He curls up on the bath mat while I put on makeup and do my hair.  I marvel at how patient he is because he’s still a pup and he is itching to play.  Yet he realizes that I can’t play until I’m all ready for whatever lies ahead.  As soon as I close the drawer that holds my hair accoutrements, he knows it’s playtime.

He’s happy just to chase a ball around the family room or run through the kitchen, laundry room and family room with me chasing him.  His brother, Scruffy, often joins in the chase and we all growl and bark at each other.  His other siblings usually ignore us or go outside to make way for our frivolity.  If it’s warm and dry, we can go to the doggy playground in our backyard.  This is where Luigi plays soccer with the skills of David Beckham.  He pushes a dollar store ball around with his nose, watches me carefully and blocks my shots, and with lightening speed chases the ball when I manage to get it past him.

When it’s time for me to leave for work, Luigi sits on the  chair near the door and waits for my kisses and one last belly rub.  It makes me sad to leave him, but I know he’ll be waiting at the door for me when I get home.

Luigi was an unexpected gift.  He came to live with us when a friend was unable to keep him.  We thought he was only going to be with us for a few weeks while we found him a new home, but that was over a year ago.  All of my dogs taught me the real truth about unconditional love and being faithful.  However, since Luigi has been with us, I’ve learned valuable life lessons as well.

He showed me the importance of a good stretch in the morning.  There are health benefits to stretching your muscles as well as helping to get mentally prepared for the tasks of the day.

I’ve learned that patience can often lead to great rewards.  Sometimes you will appreciate what you get when you have to wait for it.  My husband is a great believer of immediate gratification, but that can sometimes lead to unforeseen problems.

No matter how small the accomplishment, take a few moments to celebrate.  Our days are often filled with successes that we don’t acknowledge.  We often spend more time dwelling on what went wrong throughout the day instead of delighting in what went right.

Luigi has made me learn to manage my time so there are always a few minutes for play.  Playing in the morning is such a great way to start every day.  I feel full of joy, just like a child, running around with Luigi and laughing at his antics.

The most important lesson from Luigi, though is that no matter how busy your day is, always take time for one more kiss.  This lesson carries over into my marriage.  My husband and I always begin and end our day with a kiss.  At one time I took those kisses for granted.  Luigi helped me learn to appreciate them.  His soulful eyes look at me with tenderness, trust, and love when I hold him in my arms.  That’s what I want my husband to see when he looks into my eyes.

I’m amazed at how much a 12 pound Shih Tzu has taught me in the past year. These lessons from Luigi will be with me forever and for that I am grateful.

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3 Responses to Guest Post: “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great Blog! This couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time in my life, we just said good~bye to our loyal friend and confidant of 14 years , yesterday. Tawny will be greatly missed in our lives. She too taught us many lessons in her 14 years, the most important being: What you are in the beginning isn’t what you will be at the end. Tawny was the spunkiest puppy and I thought “she will never grow up “. Not only did she grow up, but she grew into a lovely dignified dog who ended her life with grace and love. Thanks for the post !!!!

    • tuesday2 says:

      Oh. I have to repost that; it makes me want to hug my dog…

      It makes me cry and it helps me to appreciate the bond we have with our pets. They are family.

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