Long Way from the Chemung River.

After a  l  o  n  g,  truly eventful, blog-worthy tale of a bus ride,

(I swear we went through the Lincoln Tunnel twice),

I have landed in NYC and  I feel like I am the proverbial Country Bumpkin!

My morning routine of running along the secluded river trails with Sammie on a long leash,

…has been easily replaced with wandering aimlessly along the city streets.

I stick out like a sore thumb.

Yes, it’s a cliché’.  But this is NYC, I only have 24 hours here, my coffee is getting cold, and I don’t have time for my thesaurus.

I do have time for sight-seeing.

I stand out. No surprise.

Allie says it could be my pink sneakers.

It’s more likely the fact that I am in awe of everything I see, hear, smell and taste.

Yes, my morning run has been interrupted

by the coffee shop with BOGO biscotti.  Not complaining.

Back to the pink sneakers.

I packed light, assuming Allie would be willing to share her wardrobe with me.

She was willing.

Willing to pick out my clothes and leave them on the table while she headed off to work.

I think my daughter has dressed me funny.

Payback for all those years of making her wear duck boots to school?  Probably so.

I am dressed funny.  But no one knows me here.  Yet.

I’m off to get to know the city, (now that my biscotti is gone and the coffee is cold).

I’m logging off; heading out for that run.

Allie gave me directions to a path along a river that is sure to look different from where Sammie and I venture.

But, that’s why I’m here…to venture in to the life of my city mouse daughter for a 24 hour tour.

Pink sneakers double knotted.  I’m ready.

If I’m not back on-line by noon, come looking for me.

I stand out; you will find me.

Sporting those sneakers and wearing biscotti crumbs.

Biscotti og kaffe

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One Response to Long Way from the Chemung River.

  1. thyrkas says:

    Ah! I took that same bus ride many years ago! If you can manage it, take the subway, then a short bus ride to a museum called The Cloisters. It is at the end of the line – no lie! Beautiful setting, a view of the Hudson that will take your breath away, and then, as you step into the museum, you will time-travel to 12 and 13th century Europe. The architecture, the hallways, doors, tile, wall hangings, windows, chapels, and even the cloister itself, is from 12th and 13th century Europe. If not on this visit, then maybe the next time you are there you can go. Have a great time in NYC!

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