Growing a Kinder Garden!

Here we grow!

I went back to school yesterday. 

 I finished organizing, labeling, sorting, and planning.


 Who am I fooling?

Planning to expect the unexpected! 

They are 5 years old!

<Insert picture of herding cats>

Can you hear the familiar reminder?  <The best laid plans…>

Take a peek at some planning:

Now that the #2 pencils are almost all sharpened,

scheduled field trips are on the calendar,

name tags are on Wednesday folders, crayon boxes, and cubbies,

the stocked snack cupboard is overflowing with animal crackers and apple slices,

and the billions of books are waiting to take us on adventures… 

we enthusiastically welcome our kiNdeRgartEn coworkers to being their journey to 2024 and beyond! 

Those 5 year-olds continue to inspire ♥ me.  May it always be so!

What do you remember about that pivotal, magical kindergarten experience?


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9 Responses to Growing a Kinder Garden!

  1. Renee says:

    I remember I loved my teacher and I played Goldilocks in the Grandparents’ Day play. And my best friend for that year (and the next two) is now working in publishing and I STILL can’t make myself write a book!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am remembering not my Kindergarten first day, although I do remember Mrs. Esco greating us at the door and she had a really cool play area.
    Now I know Shelley you don’t have play but back then teachers weren’t as cool as you!! 🙂

    No today I am reflecting on that first day of sending my first child off into the world without me! Putting her on that great big yellow school bus and trusting that strangers were now in charge of her safety and success. Tomorrow I intrust that safety to her as she takes herself now to school and finishes the last chapter of “lower education” that has hopefully prepared her for “higher education”

    Thanks Shelley for being that “stranger” that becomes a person a parent can trust, respect, and learn from!! You are the best!!!

    • tuesday2 says:

      Thank you for the kind words.

      Transitioning to kindergarten this year has flooded me with memories of sending my own girls into the world; that experience helps me to reassure parents because I do remember what that feeling was all about.

      It is simple, really. We all just want our kids to be safe, and we want them to live by the Golden Rule.

      College dorm drop off? Ouch! I felt just like a kindergarten parent, again.

    • I remember trying to bribe a little girl to be my friend using the tactic of bragging about the fur collar on my coat 🙂

  3. I love looking at the kindergarten parents’ faces each year, on that first morning of drop off time. And I see in their faces and eyes the tremendous gift of trust they are giving us to nurture, encourage, value and support their children throughout the year….and I try my best to live up to that trust.
    I wish you and all of the kids in your class a terrific year…full of inspiration and a sense of wonder!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I remember K like it was yesterday. My K teacher was so inspiring, passionate, and so caring that I am not sure I have met another human that could match her gentle touch and voice yet. Although she has since left us at an age too young from a battle loss to breast cancer, she will never be forgotten. As we walked in the door to K each morning she sat at her piano playing songs for us. I remember the letter people and oh so much more. I actually even remember what she smelled like because she always let me sit on her lap during story time. It was teachers like her, Miss. Palmer, that made me become the teacher I am today. I only hope that when my students are 30 they can look back and say wow I loved Mrs. Maloney! 🙂

    • tuesday2 says:

      Awww, sounds like you were the teachers pet!

      I remember the Letter People! I love the Letter People. I still have the L for my daughter, Lauren.

      A piano in the kindergarten room? I remember when there were fireplaces in the classroom…

      I wish we had a piano in our classroom; the kiddos learn so much through music and song. Our favorite part of the day is cirlce time fingerplays on the carpet. Come visit us~

      I hope I smell as good as Miss Palmer! 😀

      Have a wonderful year, Mrs. Maloney. I have heard good things about you already!

  5. JM Randolph says:

    When our youngest (#5) went to his first day of kindergarten I remember thinking, there is no way these kids are old enough to be starting school. I have such respect for kindergarten teachers. It’s such an important job! When he came home that first day, all he could talk about was his teacher Miss Credico. Except there were a lot of letters he still couldn’t say, so it was “Miss Tweditoe! Miss Tweditoe!” May you have a fantastic year!

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