I Have a Story to Tell.

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Teaching kindergarten children, I ‘ve been trying to find that delicate balance between keeping the learning FUN enough to engage 5 year olds while keeping it REAL enough to reach them. And (the important thing) getting the learning to stick! 

As a former first grade teacher, I began the year knowing what must be mastered in kindergarten to best prepare learners for day one of grade one.

<read with sarcasm and a bit of sadness> “Learning to skip and show & tell are no longer in the curriculum.”

We have a lot of work ahead of us. 

We have a lot of ambition inside of us. 

We are 5 year-old scholars on a mission to 2024 (and beyond)!

Kindergarten (and technology) have gone far beyond snacks and nap time. I’ve been experimenting with a web 2.0 tool called, storybird. An engaging literacy site certain to spawn the author in all 25 creative minds.

My first production below, wasn’t so creative. I’m still in the learning stage myself.  I’m experimenting and I know I will be outdone by our youngest of learners!  They always surprise me with their uninhibited working style.

 Our classroom will be (literally) crawling with perfectly proud authors.  May it always be so! 

Visit and create your own story. 

 Click on ‘GOOD MORNING’

http://media.storybird.com/embedplayer/bin/StoryplayerEmbed.swfGood morning! by smacpherson on Storybird

It’s fun; try it!   

Create your own and share it here!


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6 Responses to I Have a Story to Tell.

  1. Sounds like a good website/software…I’ll give it a try…thanks!

  2. Julie D says:

    This is the 2011 version of what I/we did with crayons and construction paper…making our own little literary works. I wonder if mom kept mine….LOL

  3. reenie says:

    LOVE THIS !!! I had so much fun making one!!! I will have to get my son an account he will love this !!! I will also be passing this along to my sister who teaches K~5 in FL !!!!! Thank you sooooo much for such a great little gift!!!!

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