Know any 20 Somethings?


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Why do we have to wait (so darn long) for wisdom?

Life, love, and even death…they would all be so much easier to navigate if only we were born with a gene that allowed us to ‘know then what I know now.’

We are no longer born with a tail because we don’t need it and wouldn’t make good use of it.

I am guessing we aren’t born with that wisdom gene because we wouldn’t make good use of that either.


You know how this goes…Sometimes you just have to live. and. learn.  That is not a cliche’… that is a proven fact.

 Who listens to the advice of a well-meaning ‘been there done that’ person?

Did you?

Nope, me neither.

You know those people filled with wisdom.  They are the ones who tried to warn teach us what they have already learned about life, death, and love. 

Did you listen?

Nope, me neither.

So, that is why the gene isn’t inborn; it’s developed in the messy petri dish of everyday living. 

Don’t blame those 20-somethings for not taking your advice on life, death, or love.  They have to live it to learn it. Fact. Over and over again. 

 You too?


BUT, don’t stop trying.  Keep giving that advice, they will get it one day.  They will get it when they are 40-something (or 50-something or 60-something…).

What advice could we all benefit from? Read it here.

Believe it when you are ready.


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2 Responses to Know any 20 Somethings?

  1. DAD says:

    Wisdom is something that we get when we are old and really don’t need it anymore and that is why us old people try to give it away. What is true is that we ALL need to learn from our mistakes.


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