Can You Find it in a Book?

I spent the day after Christmas doing some shopping for my practical daughter who insisted that bargain hunting for her gifts would not offend her at all. 

We are a practical family; my daughters have certainly taken on the thrifty sense of living that  I raised them with.   Proof of that thrifty/ survival gene?

Pseudo daughters, courtesy of Pinterest. Thanks.

Proof:  They are both living on their own as independent, self-sufficient, employed, college graduates.  They are paying their own rent and buying their own groceries, (yes, they do consider ramen noodles a pantry staple).  To top it all off?  They are making timely, monthly payments on their college loans. 

"Pinterest, please insert proud mom right here."


So, back to my opening sentence.   While on that post 12/25 shopping trip, I spent some time in Barnes & Noble shaking off the holiday stress with a tall coffee, black.  

We really are a simple kind of people.  Besides, I can’t afford a Keurig,   I am used to simple, it’s an acquired bitter taste.

Back to Barnes & Noble.  I found a book (on clearance) that my daughter had been trying to hunt down; I had it gift wrapped (for free) and was heading out of the store when I spotted a paperback that called me to stop and flip through the pages.  The Happiness Project.

Being practical, I stuck that title in my memory, headed to the local library, and have since begun my journey of ‘research’ on? Right.  Happiness.  (I just knew there had to be a manual for that!)

If what I’ve learned in the past is true, it won’t be the act of finishing this book that helps me find happiness, it will be the actual journey of reading the book that brings me such happiness.  That’s not rocket science, that’s common sense.

Before cracking open this book, I hit Google for some pre-reading insight. 

Click here to see a piece of where this story leads. 

My favorite myth?  #5. 

 What am I most guilty of?  #1.

How about you?


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4 Responses to Can You Find it in a Book?

  1. Ohhh….guess I should get out of my warm snuggly flannel nightie this morning???….ohhh, it’s sooooo snuggly and warm…..okay….snuggly sweatpants and a soft warm sweater… check that one off ! I just got a really good book too, and started reading it yesterday…. “The How of Happiness” by Sonja Luyubomirsky….terrific ideas in there too!

  2. Hmmm…need to go to Barnes and Nobles myself today.

  3. Here is a link to some wiki notes about that book I mentioned…the Sonja Luyubormirsky (wow…long last name…wonder how she did with spelling/writing that in kindergarten?)

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