Procrastinating in Public

Venti Salted Carmel Mocha

Venti Salted Carmel Mocha (Photo credit: pchow98)

procrastinate sit here at B&N, I have good intentions, I plan to finish up my report cards eventually.

 Yet, I digress to stalk FB, respond to blog comments, tweet on Twitter, and the deadliest of all new obsessions:  Pinning on Pinterest.

I do have something to show for my time spent on the laptop (read: time spent anywhere other than those report cards), I found a new study that gives me scientific ‘proof’ of what I want to hear. 

I no longer have to worry about the DEA outlawing this habit-forming, aromatic cup of comfort.

The habit:  Coffee.  I am weak.  I like strong coffee.  I often try to fool myself into decaf, not easy…  especially here at B&N.  I thought I learned my lesson a few days ago, but I’m back for their Salted Carmel Mocha.   (Yes, this drink deserves capital letters).

I may just be on this laptop all night.  Again.  Caffeine.  Thanks.

I’ll need more coffee tomorrow to finish those report cards. Eventually.

There is no reason to kick the caffeine habit.

The study confirms my belief; I like that.  They get an A.


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3 Responses to Procrastinating in Public

  1. uh oh….is it really report card time again already???…uh oh…I’d better check my school calendar…a salted caramel mocha sounds like an effective, motivating energizer…. : )

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