Keep your Rose-Colored Glasses on; They will help you see Clearly.

I teach 5 year olds.  They teach me so much more.

The life lessons learned in kindergarten really do stick, (hopefully as much as the old school days of thick white paste that we once had the time to use).

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<pause here and you can almost smell (and taste) that Elmer’s Euphoria all over again>

Laughing, loving, and learning with 22 of these young prodigies every single day can only be topped by sharing that untapped, uninhibited wisdom with fellow leaders of the next generation, the class of 2028.

One favorite ‘co-worker’ in this vastly valuable, often overlooked, fascinating field of early childhood education is the author of  the blog, “Look At My Happy Rainbow.”

I’m sharing one of his recent posts.

Take a peek at the kinship of kindergarten through a teacher’s eyes and a student’s rose-colored glasses…

Visit him here.


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