Learning is Mandated.

It’s one of my favorite quotes. 

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It’s a reminder to prioritize. 

The value of keeping first things first.

Being an educator today, there are many priorities to value, both in and out of the classroom.

What counts in the classroom (and outside of the classroom), can’t often be measured by a rubric.

Mandated programs count.

Non-mandated programs count too.

<Insert here the wisdom and knowledge taught through music, library, physical education, and art… by teachers with a specific degree, talent, and gift for enriching and educating all learners.>

As a kindergarten teacher, former pre-kindergarten teacher, and a parent, I see first hand the value of those non-mandated programs and the teachers who bring those lessons and experiences directly to our classroom door.

Carl Hayden, a former president of the Elmira City School District Board of Education, (along with many other accolades),  says it best. Read his viewpoint here.

Thank you, Mr. Hayden; your viewpoint counts.

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