Memory Lane

Memory Lane

Memory Lane (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like to visit 1000 Awesome Things.

Today I clicked on the blog to find an even better place to visit.

Be sure to take this trip.


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My husband tells me I talk too much. I tell him that I have a lot to say. Here’s the solution… Welcome to my blog!
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2 Responses to Memory Lane

  1. Bella says:

    Shelley, how wonderful to take a trip to where one used to live! Having been an Army brat, that would be a bit difficult for me; we lived in so many places I wouldn’t know where to start! Nevertheless, any place is a good place to start, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

    • tuesday2 says:

      Yes! My husband moved around a lot when he was growing up; he has since gone back and taken picutres of as many of his childhood homes as he could get to and created a memorable collage of his ‘early days’

      I love going back; it floods me with memories that I thought were forgotten.

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