The Power of Patience

I spent the afternoon in one of my favorite places; Barnes & Noble.

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It’s about the tall, salted caramel latte and the chocolate almond biscotti.

It’s about the people, the atmosphere, and the books. 

I came home with a bundle of books, including “The Power of Patience” by M.J. Ryan.

A favorite quote found on the pages of this self-help, happiness manual:

  • It will work out

“Faith is belief in the unseen, the quietly held conviction that even though you can’t imagine how, at some time, in some place, the right way, the thing you desire will indeed come to pass”       -Daphine Rose Kingma


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8 Responses to The Power of Patience

  1. thanks for the reminder about that book…it’s a good one. I just went in and got that book off my bookshelf…and the book opened to page 104, the chapter that quote is from. Now tha’ts interesting! A few years ago, I could barely say the word “patience,” but it’s getting easier now. I went to a few individual coaching/finding direction sessions with MJ a few summers ago…she was one of the first people I showed my “pages” to….she’s terrific. A few days ago, I was thinking of calling her and going in for a few sessions to help get some energy and self direction for finding creative endeavors in retirement…good idea! ( maybe I should put a copy of that quote up on the wall ) Hope you get good ideas from the books!

    • tuesday2 says:

      Thanks for your insight (and support of the message the book offers)! I am a big fan of what I refer to as “self-help books!”

      I think it’s fascinating that you have spent some time with the author; what did she think
      of your pages?

      Your work never fails to impress, encourage, and impress me! Thank you!

      • MJ is a remarkably welcoming, dynamic, energetic, empathetic person…really remarkable. We met in her living room, throughout the summer. She was enthusiastic and surprised by the books and pages…I kept bringing more each time I went there…they are a bit unusual…she thought they could help people and that I should consider pursuing publishing them. She had her own publishing company, but no longer does. I was still to shy to show them to others….now I share them, but haven’t looked into publishing. I think they might be too different and that publishers might not “get” them. I love making them and sharing them…but not “promoting” them…btw…I LOVE self help books…that’s where I start getting ideas and then I make pages to help me put the ideas into use…but the pages often start with books that I’m reading. I was with another favorite author/person this morning…Sylvia Boorstein, at her Wednesday morning sitting meditation group…she has wonderfully helpful ideas and books, too. She is also so insightful, warm and endearing…a lovely, inspirational woman. I’ve been fortunate to be encouraged by some nice included…. : )

      • I just linked this post in a post I just made using the quote…thank you so much for bringing the quote, ideas and book to my attention…much appreciation….kathy

  2. I love B&N. They always have the best collection of journals.

  3. Dad says:

    Sounds like a great book. Patience is a virtue that we all can use more of, ESPECIALLY ME.
    Love Ya!

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