How to Cope when you’re out of Coffee (and Insight)

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“The research suggests then when we are stumped by a problem, we should step away from the desk and caffeine and instead find a way to relax. The answer will only arrive after we stop searching for it. So while I used to assume that my walks were a form of procrastination, I now see them as part of my work day. They make me happy, which is an ideal mental state for moments of insight.”      

The rest of the Happiness Interview with Jonah Lehrer?

 It’s right here.  Read it as soon as you return from that walk.


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2 Responses to How to Cope when you’re out of Coffee (and Insight)

  1. Coming East says:

    Now that the weather is getting so nice, I’m trying to walk more. It’s a nice contemplative time, if I’m not pushing myself. I think I’ll do my power walk music (ABBA), and slow down on the way back, just to unwind. Thanks for the post because it gives me some encouragement to step it up.

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