No, I won’t meet you halfway.

As a kindergarten teacher, (click here), I spend 180 days a year teaching the curriculum to five-year olds.

 I spend the better part of those 180 days teaching the really important stuff; the stuff beyond reading, writing, and math. 

 I teach lessons about the times in life when you must read between the lines.   THAT is literacy.

 I teach the craft of  putting into words what others will read. 

 I teach the skill of making sense out of the things in life that don’t always add up.  THAT is math you can use.

I watch these young learners discover that sometimes things just aren’t fair.  I let them know, that really is okay a fact.

via Pinterest

“If you expect 50-50 consistently, you’re set up for a fall.

What we should teach our kids and re-program ourselves is not to look for fairness and 50-50, but to offer 60-40 as our rule, guided by both generosity and prudence.

If we each commit to that principle, the likelihood is that over time we’ll end up right around the 50 yard line.” 

Read the rest of the lesson here.

Now, is that fair enough?


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3 Responses to No, I won’t meet you halfway.

  1. DAD says:

    These comments and beliefs are what makes you a GREAT teacher and even better person. I am so proud of you!

  2. thyrkas says:

    Great blog, Shelley. You are so right on about what you are teaching your kindergarteners, and everyone else around you. Good stuff! Teri

  3. Coming East says:

    Great philosophy, and kids are never too young to be taught this.

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