Don’t mix the Play-Doh

I was a perfect mom.

Until I had kids of my own.

Then I became a ‘good-enough, doing the best I can’ kinda mom. 

Except that wasn’t really true.  I never settled for good-enough. 

It’s a sickness, really.

Although I was always doing the best I could, I knew it wasn’t really good enough (for me).

I had high, unattainable standards.  Yet, I had real, tangible kids.

What I didn’t have was 20:20 (premonition) vision.  I didn’t see what was coming.

Sure, I had heard it all.  <Nap when they nap. Dishes can wait…>

Of course that didn’t apply to me and my high standards.

I had to have a clean house, folded laundry, and well dressed kids.

No one was permitted to mix the Play-Doh, allowed to lick a spoon, nor did they dare to put their dirty feet on the couch.


I probably should’ve been hotlined for being such a perfect parent.  

If they showed up to take my kids away, they would’ve changed their minds when they saw what a perfect housekeeper I was.  Clearly that equates perfect parenting. 

“Dear moms with the messy house, one day the little ones that travel around messing things up will one day be gone and your house will be spotless. I know I’m telling you this again, but it’s so good to be reminded. Your house at one point will be exactly how you want it, but you won’t have little one’s around – picking you flowers, coloring pictures, dumping out legos to make you the best creation ever, splashing water from the tub – that will be over and you will inevitably miss the days where the home seemed a wee bit too chaotic”    

Words of wisdom quoted from Rachel.  Let your dishes sit; visit her blog, finding joy.


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My husband tells me I talk too much. I tell him that I have a lot to say. Here’s the solution… Welcome to my blog!
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6 Responses to Don’t mix the Play-Doh

  1. Love this post Shelley. The playdough in our house is one big ball of colours…I still beat myself up about other things. Also another very timely post for me. Thanks, and loved the video – it’s hilarious.

    • tuesday2 says:

      Jealous of your ability to let them mix that playdough! Ha ha…took me years to get over that. My kindergarten kiddos have helped me mello through the years. Guess a room full of 5yr olds can do that to an uptight, recovering ocd kinda mom. 😀

  2. I gave up on a neat house when they were toddlers. And at 7 and 8 now, I give up on the idea of a new couch. I just finally covered it to hide the stains and sometmesjust buy a new cover.

  3. Amy says:

    As a recovering OCD child, I can totally relate to this; ‘don’t mix the colors’ was definitely part of my childhood vocabulary! I will also admit, this issue carries through into my adult life to this day — I think I need to have some 5yr old ‘therapy’ with you in your classroom… =)

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