You won’t find it at the office.

“You know the office is changing when old school executives tell you they work from home. They might go into the office to check in but often they are either working out of the house or out on the road. It’s just the reality of the new work world.”

Click here to read the rest of the story; learn what will be missing and what may take its place.  Peek at the “new work world.”

Two of my favorite future trends?

  • A place in the office that provides natural sunlight
  • A quiet place in your office where you’re allowed to take a nap

How would you design your office of the future?


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One Response to You won’t find it at the office.

  1. Bella says:

    Lady, I wish the concept of working at home had been available when I was a single mom, scrambling to work and raise my children. Nowadays you hear how many executives do just this. Other times you read how employees can bring their children to work or enroll them in day care centers that are located on the work premises. To me, this is the ideal situation for parents who simply have to work. 🙂

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