Don’t Drink the Kool-aid. Don’t Eat the Cupcake.

image via Pinterest.

image via Pinterest.

  • Teacher rule #1.  Do not eat the birthday cupcakes.
  • Teacher rule #2.  There are some days when an exception to that rule must be made.

Today was that day.

Picture it >>>>

Kindergarten; circa 3:15 on a Friday afternoon after a week of indoor recess, days of report card assessing, and a fresh spot of puke on the classroom carpet.  Again.

I spied the lonely cupcake sitting there.

I briefly considered Teacher Rule #1.

I greatly appreciated Teacher Rule #2.

I licked the frosting off that Hello Kitty cupcake and washed it down with a Kool-Aid juice box.

Kindergarten rules.


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One Response to Don’t Drink the Kool-aid. Don’t Eat the Cupcake.

  1. EngineerGal says:

    Teachers definitely need to modify the rules sometimes! Next time save me a lick of icing 😉

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