Pee Outside if you Really Really Have to.

via Google Images

via Google Images

When my daughters were growing up, the rule was:  “If you go out, stay out!”

I had my own selfish reasons for not wanting to get them all bundled up only to hear them trying to break through the locked front door because they were cold, had to pee, or because it was dark and the street lights were now on.

My defense (as the mother of grown children) is simple:  They turned out fine.  Mostly.

My defense has been strengthened; little did I know just how good it was for them to “Get out!”

So, send the kids outside.

Go with them if you’re a really good mom.

After the street lights turn on,  come back in and click the link below.



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One Response to Pee Outside if you Really Really Have to.

  1. Coming East says:

    Very funny. Since our kids grew up in San Antonio, I never had to worry about the bundling up before I sent them outside. But I sure do remember my mother, when we were kids in Connecticut, saying, “Make sure you go to the bathroom before you get your snow suits on because if you have to come back inside, you’re staying inside.” Thanks for the memories.

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