Just back from another trip ‘home’ and it all continues to make sense. Family matters.

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Back 2 Reality!
…reflections from a trip back home
Editor’s note:  Jim and I live 2 far from our (somewhat) aging families. 
Before leaving on vacation, (weeks before, actually), I did what any conscientious/compulsive packer would do…I  crafted a list of staples that I must remember to pack.
Don’t Forget..
  • Tweezers -if you’re a mom over 40 you will understand
  •  IPod -with songs to cover every possible, unpredictable, ever-changing mood
  •  Summer reading list -with a mini book light for those sleepless nights
  •  Favorite pillow -’cause I crave the comforts of my own home
  •  My case of 100 oils for 100 different reasons
That ‘Don’t Forget’ list goes on and on, but I want to cut to the more important list…the one that I didn’t have to write down…the one that came to me on the long drive back~
Always Remember…  
  • You can go back home
  • You should
  • More often

When was the last time you went home?

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  1. Coming East says:

    Oh, my, this is a heart tug. At my age, I am the home my kids go back to. As for me, I can’t go home anymore, other than to drive through a town I grew up in but which has changed greatly from my early years. So keep going home as often as you can, while you still can.

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