Single and Feline Fine.

via google imagesI was never a bridesmaid.

I skipped the matrimonial prerequisite.   It’s similar to skipping kindergarten and being promoted directly to first grade.

Being a bridesmaid is not mandatory.

Waiting ’til <you insert the age> to get married gives new meaning to vintage bride.

Waiting also provides more training for the starring role in the wedding.

Cue the music> “Here comes the bride…”

I married young; skipped the stigma.

Cue the drama> “Always a bridesmaid…”

It worked out fine.

Waiting to get married is fine too.

What’s also puuurfectly fine?

Take a look here.

#8 is my favorite.  Yours?


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One Response to Single and Feline Fine.

  1. Sharifah says:

    They’re all so cute…I really love the grumpy/irritated expression of the texting cat!

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